Budget Minded Tips for Summer Decorating

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Budget Minded Tips for Summer Decorating

As we all know summer is not always as relaxing as we would like it to be. Between trips to the lake and family gatherings, when can you find time to make improvements to your home and still not dip into your summer vacation fund? Making little changes here and there can make a big impact, and here are a few tips!


Do not overwhelm your self with redecorating a whole room. Give your room a space lift by introducing throw pillows and pre-made drapery panels. Pack away your heavy winter fabrics and replace them with more breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. This is a perfect time to be bold and use that new hot color palate without having buyers remorse. Pre-made linen drapes are a great way to soften any room. By storing your more expensive drapes during the summer months it keeps them protected from the harsh rays that can cause fading in material and even worse deterioration.


During the summer months we are blessed with an abundant amount of live vegetation and fresh flowers around our own home. Purchase different types of decorative containers. This allows you to fill your home with beautiful fresh flowers all summer long. During the winter months a decorative vase can easily be displayed in a bookcase instead of having to store it out of sight. If live flowers are not your style, our in-house floral designer can create a custom  arrangement out of silk or preserved florals to achieve the same look.


Get rid of that hand-me-down lamp that was your Mother’s from college. For less than $100 you can pick up a high end designer lamp. Lighting is not  what you typically think of changing durning the long days of summer! However, you will thank me when parties roll into the evening hours and friends are drooling over your new lighting. The right lighting will set the mood for any evening event.


Rarely do you find yourself in a situation where you buy a really expensive piece of art. Don’t get me wrong, when a piece speaks to you cost doesn’t matter. Thankfully the art market has shifted to more of a design- and budget-conscious approach. You can now find an amazing piece of art that you can incorporate within your living space without selling a kidney. A new bold piece of art is the easiest way to transform any room in your house.

ReCreations Home is available to help elevate your home without draining your wallet. We understand your time and money are valuable. Let our designers help create a home that is a desirable space for you and your family.

Chuck Feltner . Interior Designer

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