they can’t match my paint color!


ask a designer they can’t match my paint color!Q.  I had a color plan all picked out for my house, and I was really excited, but now it is falling apart. One color I want is half way between two shades on the chart, but the paint store says they can’t mix it. I’ve seen a million commercials on TV saying they can color-match anything.  

bedding & upholstery for a family

ask a designer – bedding & upholstery for a family Q. Can you help with planning new bedding and upholstery? I would like fine quality, but I have a big dog, son, and husband who live with me on a farm.  

versatile chocolate fabric trends

ask a designer – by Tanna Miller – versatile chocolate fabric trends Q. I am intrigued with new chocolate and pink and other combinations with chocolate, but I don’t want to paint my house brown.  I know paint is a less expensive way to decorate, but we own two vacation homes and travel back and forth to take care of all our properties.  For me, having workmen in the house is more trouble than moving furniture pieces to a different room. How can I tie in fabrics with chocolate and other trends in ways that won’t lock me in later?—M.W. …

house & home & garden™ celebrates 10 years

house & home & garden™ celebrates 10 years        Greater Nashville House & Home & Garden™ magazine celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2010. Since our first issue we’ve been committed to bringing the latest in home remodeling and design trends to readers across middle Tennessee.      Our shopping trips found in each issue are designed to help you discover sources with which you may be unfamiliar. Our theory has always been that those interested in home decor are willingly drive to locate interesting new sources for things to beautify their homes and serve as inspiration.      From Clarksville to Fayetteville, from Dickson …

adapting design and saving money

ask a designer – by Tanna Miller – adapting design and saving money Q. I have two arched windows on either side of my fireplace. I want a pretty window treatment that helps block the light and looks formal.  I’ve seen a drawing you have done for a pie shaped window that is very elaborate. It looks expensive. Can I do something similar that goes across my glass to block light but doesn’t cost too much? My fireplace trim also cuts into the trim on the windows on both sides, so you can’t put a long drape there. There is …