Editorial Forms

Throughout the year, Greater Nashville House & Home & Garden offers numerous opportunities for editorial inclusion. Opportunities include numerous feature articles, profile articles, and our annual and landscape directories.

Here are links to forms to be included in a variety of editorial features. Please download, print, and complete forms for any of these in which you’d like to be included.


Print Directory Forms

Annual Directory appears in the November/December issue – Deadline September 30

Annual Designer Directory appears in the Jan/Feb issue – Deadline December 12!

Outdoor Living Directory – appears in the March/April issue – Deadline January 24! 

Annual Builder/Remodeler/Realtor® Directory    appears in the July/August issue – Deadline June 24



Editorial Questionnaires for articles in the Jan/Feb issue can be downloaded here.

You are welcome to complete the forms or use the questions as a guide to your own emailed response about these trends

Pantriesappears in the Jan/Feb issue – Deadline Dec. 12

Window Trends appears in the Jan/Feb issue – Deadline Dec. 12


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