St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

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Get Crafty this St. Patrick’s Day

New store opening in Vernal inspires creativity

(Family Features) This St. Patrick’s Day, create a cheerful and festive decoration to adorn your home or enhance an Irish themed celebration. Since shamrocks are considered to be a sign of luck, this charming candle holder also makes a wonderful gift.

Lucky Shamrock Candle Globe

Skill level: Some Experience Necessary

Crafting time: 3 hours

Supplies and Tools:

Paper towels Vinegar

Glass candle globe Palette

Plaid FolkArt Enamels paint: Evergreen, Fresh Foliage, Hunter Green and Gold

Plaid FolkArt Enamels tip-pen and craft tip set


4-inch tall white candle

  1. Use paper towels and vinegar to clean glass globe thoroughly.
  2. On palette, place quarter-size puddles of all three green paint colors.
  3. Refer to photo. To paint each shamrock, dip one end of toothpick into one color of paint. Touch to globe: two dots side-by-side. Redip toothpick and apply two more dots vertically to the right of the first dots. Redip toothpick and apply two more dots vertically to the left of the first two dots. Use toothpick end to pull each set of dots together in the center and form a stem.
  4. Repeat all around a 3-inch band of the bottom of the globe, varying between the three shades of green paint until it is covered. Allow to dry at least one hour.
  5. Attach metal tip of tip-pen set to plastic extension cap, turning clockwise. Do not over tighten. Remove cap from gold enamel paint and replace with assembled paint tip. Apply swirls and dots randomly in and around the painted shamrocks.
  6. Place candle inside. Allow to dry overnight before lighting candle.
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