Decorating with this Year’s Pantone Color: Radiant Orchid

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Decorating with this Year’s Pantone Color: Radiant Orchid

Q. I’ve read the color of the year is Pantone Radiant Orchid. At first I thought it was for clothing, but then I saw rugs and furniture this color. Are they serious? I like some of it, but how do I use it in my traditional home? Like most of my friends, I have a lot of chocolate and neutral with color as accents. I wanted to update this spring but now, I wonder if I should wait?

Is there something else coming?—L.M.

A.Yes. They are completely serious about radiant orchid as well as cousin pinks and purples. The design industry is launching these colors in hopes of provoking consumers to buy into design makeovers. Manufacturers responded to the mortgage crisis by haulting product development and reproducing previous best sellers, sometimes with small changes.
Of the few trends that emerged, three were notably successful: California colors, ethnic motifs, and organic materials. The industry is now hoping you and your friends will embrace more comprehensive change. If you buy any one pink and purple item of Eastern motifs—made of chunky seaweed—you will be forced into that change.
Incremental change is much easier when new offerings are less drastically unique. The good news is that there are excellent ways to link radiant orchid to traditional palettes.

Amethyst, aubergine, plum, smoke, grape, and lilac will be even easier. For instance, many readers have chocolate leather sofas. The color is not really a problem. The texture shift and mood change usually are. Use velvet in rice white and heavy textured linen as linking fabrics with traditional appeal. Limit the amount of pattern in the new pieces. A faux alligator ottoman with a chocolate sofa will look very nice!
If your home has gold walls, add some yellow and white to the room accents. If your home has lighter, amber wood, simply make the purple earthier and add yellow greens. Purple and yellow are complimentary colors. Pink and green are complimentary colors.  Since the radiant orchid is midway between purple and pink, the natural compliment is yellow-green.
Near white items of substance such as velvet, marble, or white shutters are instant connectors between the new decor and traditional, Nashville style. Grey is here and expanding to coordinate with vivid and subtle colors. We have recently created 6 bedding and drapery collections each a unique palette revolving around two color concepts: lavender/plum with linen/smokey taupe or titanium with coppery bronze (in various light and dark shades

Home Accents Today provides a forecast for 2014: “bright colors inspired by exotic locales evoke the warmth of the sun and the serenity of the sea for palettes rooted in balance and positive energy.” Palettes forecasted are: Sunset (orange pink, and purple), Industrial (grey with citrine, purple, or vivid accents), Under the Sea (blue, cool green, and coral), Exotic Warmth (dusty earth tones especially clay and rose), New Neutral (black, brown, taupe, beige, grey with touches of soft pink, purple, or silver). Within these palettes, everyone will find something that feels natural to their style.

Note: We welcome all questions related to home design—ask us about color, room arrangement, planning for a new home, selecting furnishings, lighting, flooring, and more. Answers provided by Tanna Espy Miller, who has operated her award winning interior design practice for 23 years. You may also contact Tanna at 615/ 601-0552.

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