Cool Closet Designs 2020

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Whether creating a luxury boutique feeling in the master closet or a clean, organize space in a reach-in closet, experts agree, closets are the perfect space to take a decorating risk. With trends such as maximalism, multi-use space, and texture, closets are quickly becoming the place in the home with the wow-factor.

Closets serve an essential and basic function: storage. We store everything in closets from clothes and accessories to boxes of papers, Christmas decorations, and toiletries.

The key to any storage space is organization and homeowners want an elegant light-filled space with color or texture on the walls to give the space a stylish look. When designing a closet space, our experts point out that homeowners are leaning toward light and bright.

Mindy Bledsoe of Tailored Living of Nashville points out, “Light versus dark finishes are a matter of personal preference, but we do find more people opting for lighter woods in the interest of keeping their space light and bright. For those clients who prefer a darker finish, we can absolutely incorporate LED lighting into the closet system.”

Noting that the closet is a very personal space is Adam Floyd of The Closet Company. “It’s honestly the one room in the house that almost no one but the client enters. Every space we design and build is done specifically for the individual client, and we get frequent requests for designs that are driven by lifestyles and hobbies.”

Texture is becoming a design trend for homeowners, especially if the closet is used as a dressing room. Since the room is often neutral tone heavy, enlivening it with texture, whether through a wall treatment, island material or carpet, adds a welcome layered and dynamic design detail. Texture, whether with a paint treatment or wallpaper,  allows homeowners to create unique and personal spaces while flexing their design muscles.

Another trend that’s catching fire with closets is a multi-use space. At minimum, homeowners want a closet space that’s more that just a storage room. “Closets are no longer just storage rooms. Many clients are trying to create a soothing oasis for them to be in. We often are adding window seats, benches on the end of an island or vanity areas within the space. Ironing boards and closet mirrors allow the client to take care of all their morning needs in on space, instead of having to go across the house to prepare for work or a day’s activities.

Closets are increasing in size because of all the amenities that are being included in them,” says Sandra Sokol of Closets by Design. While it’s not always possible for a homeowner to have a large closet space, some are optimizing that space by creating a multi-use space, particularly creating an office and a closet. That might mean converting the space completely, but more often it means adding a workspace in the dressing room. Either way the goal is to create a space that is inspiring, flexible, functional, and productive.

Another trend that’s on the rise, particularly in spaces that are small, is focusing on statement hardware. This trend is perfect for anyone who wants to be on trend but doesn’t want anything too complicated or costly. Homeowners can apply this trend by focusing on statement handles, pulls and knobs. In a recent survey, 70% of our experts overwhelmingly point toward matte gold finish for hardware. However, Bledsoe cautions, “If someone wants to step outside the basic white closet, they should, of course, select finishes that are cohesive with the design aesthetic of the adjacent spaces or the home itself.

Some experts note that his and her closets are a classic feature that, if the homeowner has space, will serve the homeowner in the long run and offer each person the opportunity to design it to their own style. Betty Ann Nills of Inspired Closets Nashville clarifies: “We like to give both a space that is their own. The messy one may have drawers or closed cabinet space so the mess can’t be seen while the neat nick has perfectly organized open shelves.” Bledsoe agrees saying, “Men and women have unique needs that are identified during a design consultation. Differing needs between men and women can co-exist in a harmonious way in a well-designed His & Her closet that is mindful of the individuals needs and preferences.”

Design features that homeowners want include adjustable shelving and interior lighting. Adam Floyd of The Closet Company points out, “A custom closet that is well-designed and allows adjustability to meet future needs will likely never need to be replaced.”

Light is extremely important in a closet and our experts point to interior lighting as one of the most desirable features in designing a closet. When surveyed, over 80% of designers claimed interior lighting was the most important feature homeowners want in a new closet space. Kurt Shusterman of California Closets Nashville says all light is important, “And not windows. We want light that won’t fade clothing.”

Adjustable shelving is always important says Bledsoe, “When custom designing a closet, it’s impossible to anticipate any future need or fashion trend. With the ability to adjust shelves, adjust pole height and supplement an original design with doors and drawers, your closet can adapt to your needs for years to come.”

Overall, experts point out that there is ultimately no universal answer for designing the perfect closet space; “perfection” is defined by the client. “The right way to design a closet is by addressing the needs of the individual who will be using it.” Homeowner’s should also remember that what might be trendy at the moment might also not be their style. Focusing too much on trends may result in a space that a homeowner may not love it as much if they had stuck to their personal design style. Designing a closet is like designing the rest of the home, take inspiration from the trends while letting the overall design reflect individual personality.

There are a number of sources for closets in the Nashville area including:

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