ivory and unicorns for either boy or girl

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ask a designer – By Tanna Miller –

ivory and unicorns for either boy or girl

Q.     I love the round cribs you offer. I live in Ireland and can’t find any here. Can you ship to me?

I want to plan for either a boy or girl using ivory as the color, and I would love to have unicorns on the crib. I’m moving and don’t know exactly what my windows will be like. Is there any way you could design something that I can be sure to use later? I would like to get this all done before the baby comes.—C.S.

A.     Wonderful! We found that shipping to Ireland is just a little more than California. Ivory is an excellent choice for any baby, and it allows you a wide range of options once you have a particular room to decorate. We can make the comforter reverse to a cuddly blue or pink which will add dimension to the ensemble. Nurseries typically have two single windows or one wide window. To plan for versatility, let’s make two pairs of long panels each one width wide with a flounce that uses the tulle of the bedding. This way, you get the effect of a valance without the cost or need for size. The one width is adequate for small windows. If you happen to get one large window, just combine two panels on each side for a full look.  Unicorn finials are not to be found here, either, but we can adapt some unicorns to be used in conjunction with traditional finials this way!

privacy for beautiful wrought iron doors
Q.     I am building a house and want to have a beautiful iron door with metal work, but our house is in a culdesac where my neighbors can easily see in. I’m thinking of getting an arched wood door and shutters instead but wanted to ask you before I do it.—S.D.

A.     Arched doors with shutters are very attractive, but you should have your first choice. The good news is that the door companies have heard requests like yours before! Now, some of the most attractive doors are offered with privacy glass. Here is one that is a door within a door. It has an inner panel of privacy glass that moves independently and can be opened revealing the clear glass in the outer door.

To have some privacy, all you really need is glass that refracts light. This can be accomplished with water glass, seeded glass, and all sorts of decorative glass.  Stained glass artists can make a privacy glass treatment for your iron door which is fitted carefully to the contour of the glass. This is usually a more expensive option, but the world of choices opens up.

help with an awkward room
Q.     Please help me plan for new furniture. My room seems impossible it is very long and and has a fireplace and doors to work around.  
There are only 10 feet from my dining table and chairs to the other wall. I guess I need two sitting areas. What do you think?—G.H.

A.    You are so right—this is a tricky room. Three walls have major interruptions, and the area by the fireplace is awkward. I would build in book shelves near the fireplace to have continuity and a place for the television. As you said, it is not possible to place furniture in the one side of the room without blocking doors.

When something is this impossible, I  just accept it and move on. I have chosen a curved small sofa that can be moved slightly to gain access to one of the doors when needed. Next, I will use a designer trick and place two pretty chairs (a curved back is best) against each other facing the two separate areas.  This also gives us some furniture relating to the long wall.  The television will be to the right of the fireplace. Here, you can choose a normal sized sofa or a small sectional (with chaise facing the television). Either way, you get comfortable seating and good function. The only sacrifice we have made is the loss of the use of the double French door. All in all, I think you will have a very attractive and highly functioning room with the use of the smaller door.

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