Easy painted pumpkins

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Everyone loves pumpkins but nobody loves scraping out all of that icky stuff from it’s insides. This simple craft project eliminates the need to remove the pumpkin insides and helps you get an adorable pumpkin. A cute family friendly craft project. Take a small pumpkin and create your very own masterpiece. This is a fun project that kids and elderly can participate in.  Just a few supplies are needed.

2          paint brushes

1          bottle white acrylic paint

1          bottle black acrylic paint

Take pumpkin wash and let dry. Use white paint and paint 2 coats covering the pumpkin. Let dry. Use the black paint to make a face on the pumpkin. You can use small pumpkins so they are easier for children to handle.  If you like you can add additional colors of paint to your pumpkin too.

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