Holiday Decorating Trends

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Decorating during the Holidays is a tradition like no other. Bridging family, religion, and classic ideas of what the holidays are about, decorating can sometimes feel overwhelming and consuming. Our experts concede that holiday decorating, at its core, should be fun and reflect the relationship a homeowner has with their own traditions. Beyond that, experts say there are a couple of trends that are showing up this year to consider when embracing the uniqueness of the coming season.

First, tradition. While COVID-19 is having a significant influence on everyday life, the holiday season is no different. The desire to find some normalcy and reconnect with what’s important is showing itself in a turn toward traditional holiday decorating. Everything from the tree to wrapping gifts to holiday dinner is responding to a yearning for tradition. Frosted glass and vintage ornaments, classic Santa motifs, reds and greens, fresh baked cookies, and even homemade decorations such as stockings or ornaments all offer a way to spark memories of classic holiday fun. Troy Villager of Troy Villager Designs agrees saying, “Ornaments that evoke memories of the past will play a big role.”

The second emerging is simplicity, such as Nordic or Scandinavian Christmas themed decorations. An extension, or sub-category, of traditional design, Nordic or Scandinavian design is all about simplicity and functionality. Experts point out this doesn’t necessarily mean minimalist, but say that items that can have multiple uses, such as bringing nature into the design can offer a simple yet special feel. Sprigs of spruce and cedar, red berries, and pine-cones are options. For colors, that means natural earth tones with lots of white and wood details. A garland made of wood elements mixed with sprigs and red berries or other natural red decorations maintains the simplicity of Nordic design. Lisa of Cool Springs Pool says, “Simple and tasteful is in this year,” and Troy Villager points out, “Minimalist Christmas decor with natural elements incorporated in to the design” is emerging as a trend.

For colors, the traditional red and green remain the traditional staple of the holidays. Kevin Linder of Trees N Trends encourages homeowners to think about tones: “Red and Green are always around of course but they are deeper this year heading back a bit more toward the rusty reds and berry tones with the greens a bit softer and/or darker for added layering,” and Rachel Whorton of Beth Haley Designs agrees saying simply working with the intensity of the color can have a huge effect, “Changing the value (intensity) of the classic Holiday colors is a way to freshen up the look. Earthy and cleaner looks still can make a Holiday feel merry and bright. Using a lighter or muted green with a brown, a muted red with an intenser green, or a parchment color with white are ways that still provide balance for one another and can make your decor feel warm and calming.”

Carol Bass of The Practical Decorator adds, “Perfect color palette, bold with bold, soft with soft. The added dimension of the sprigs and large words or the addition of a large red bow made out of wicker,” and Amberly Tomme of Quirion Realty & Little Suburban Farm says don’t count out a specific theme “I’m Inspired by Art Deco/ Art Nouveau. This has always been my favorite style and era. The era of Gatsby, the Fitzgeralds, and Swingers and Jazz. I’m incorporating rich colors and jewel tones that will pop in my very light modern home.”

Amping up the celebration are lighting and technology. Experts say these are elements to consider when decorating for the Holidays. Carol Bass of the Practical Décor points out that LED and waterfall lights are hot. As far as incorporating technology, our experts agree that the technology is finds a place more with outside decorations. “Technology is being used to decorate the outsides of homes by using computer programs matching motion with music, solar lighting and prelit trees” says Amberly Tomme and SOSO points to smartphones making outdoor light displays even easier, “Outdoor lighting packages with smart phone apps will play a big role for 2020.”

Overall, our experts all agree, tradition, both individual and cultural, are major players in holiday decorating for 2020. Make it special, make it yours. And if you’re looking for that special something extra for your holiday decorating, our experts offer up the following:

“A synthetic tree is sometimes preferable because it does not necessitate going out to purchase a new tree, and it also saves.” Judith Evans, Fathom Realty.

“Bigger is better, more is great, more lights, and more everything.” Carol Bass, The Practical Decorator


“If your hosting your family or friends, don’t forget the guest rooms. They need a little happy too. Place some wrapping paper, tape and scissors as a wrapping station. Have nice hangers in the guest closets, fresh flowers on the nightstands, write a personal note such as letting your guest(s) know how exciting you are for hosting.” Jamie Watford, JW Nash and Co.

“Joy. Don’t worry about trends, trends come and go.   Just make yourself happy and smile, that will trickle out to everyone else.” Lisa, Cool Springs Pool.

“Use 100 lights per foot on your tree. We start at the bottom of the tree and wind your lights in and out of every branch all the way to the trunk of the tree to the tip of the branch.” Troy Villager, T Villager Designs.

“I always keep a few extra 5′ teardrops on hand to use for quick mantle backdrops, dining table and buffet centerpieces and general greenery as they are so functional. I also keep on hand a variety of wired ribbon from year to year that I like so I can mix patterns as needed, tie bows for packages, and add where needed to fill. Ribbon is usually the least expensive item with the biggest impact you can have for holiday decor.” Kevin Linder, Trees n Trends

“Red and green are certainly favorite colors, but I stand by the gold, silver, clear, and glass standards that never go out of fashion. You can use different combinations from year to year to change the look so it doesn’t get stale. One year add in some blue to the silver, gold and clear ones as well as any trendy color. Be strategic to keep costs down and buy quality items. With lighting, don’t use only one type. Use se a pre-lit tree and add larger C-9’s or even mini twinkle lights to give a tree or garland an simple elegance with a few natural ornaments it is fabulous.” Deborah Hayden, DC 7 Designs

“Pay attention to how they are decorating in California, they are always ahead.” Amanda Sweeney, Just Design This.

“Take time for yourself. Take time for family. Listen, truly listen and hear the other person. When it comes to designing and decorating, think of colors that evoke the mood that you and your family are desiring. Colors impact emotion!” Monica Funderburk, Select Homes.

Following are some special places around Nashville to shop for holiday décor:

Change Magic, Spring Hill, TN 615-275-9514

Cool Springs Pool, Brentwood, TN 615-400-5170

DC 7 Designs, Nashville, TN 615-490-2637

Fathom Realty, Greenville, TN 423-433-9629

The Glam Kraker, Hendersonville, TN 312-350-9282

Jennifer ones Design, Inc, Nashville, TN 615-354-8907

Just Design This, Auburntown, TN 615-606-8450

JW Nash and Co., Franklin, TN 615-513-8593

The Practical Decorator, Nashville, TN  615-426-4741

Quirion Realty & Little Suburban Farm, Clarksville, TN 931-933-0522

Select Homes, Brentwood, TN 615-491-1117

Summer Classics Home & Gabby Home. Pelham, AL 205-368-9453

T. Villager Designs, Madison, TN 615-390-5902

Trees n Trends, Franklin, TN 270-441-3300christmas decorating




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