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Great lighting design is always in style. And 2020 is no different yet has its own unique story to tell. We polled our experts for the biggest trends and SOMETHING ideas in lighting design proving that lighting, both inside and out, is an important feature to review when designing a space. While some lighting are mainstays in design, there are some trends that are worth taking a look at in 2020.

Some of the hottest trends in lighting design are brass, organic or natural materials, neutral tones and LED lighting. Mary Soeder of PDI Kitchen, Bath and Lighting says, “Brass is still a major trend in lighting. If you’re still unsure about using brass, lighting is a great way to work it into your room. Table lamps, bath light in powder, kitchen pendants – all are great places to start sprinkling in the brass without breaking the bank.” Karin Eaton of Ironware, Esther Lovingood of Southeastern Salvage Home Emporium, and Rachel Fleischer of Hermitage all point to organic and natural materials saying “Organic trends are roaring back to comfort us in difficult times,” and “2020 brought about so many beautiful home trends, but the hottest lighting trends that we’ve seen are natural materials.”

Our survey of our experts points to brass, as well as gold and black matte being the top choices for finishes. Karin Eaton of Ironware says, “Our gold and silver leaf finishes have never been more in demand especially when combined with Nature inspired themes,” and Brian Courtney of Nashville Lamp & Shade concurs saying, “Brass and gold are still sought after for primary residences.”

Metal and Natural elements share the spotlight for materials while geometric shapes are gaining in popularity. “Geometric shapes that are tilted are gaining popularity as are beading and other natural materials. Think minimal, sculptural and circular for the latest look,” says Deborah Hayden.

When it comes to the fixture itself, our experts lean to pendant and lanterns maintain popularity.

“In the kitchen the most popular light fixture would be hanging pendants, over the bar or island.” Amanda Sweeney of Just Design This. Brian Courtney agrees saying, “Lanterns and pendants remain popular because of their versatility. Still good choices for foyers, dining rooms, and above kitchen islands.”

Experts also agree that LED lighting continues to be on the rise. “LED is a technology all in itself so it’s the main driver of the lighting industry now. With LED, there are the economic impacts such as lower operating costs, less waste but lighting manufactures can do so much more with LED, such as putting them in smaller crevices and run longer lengths.” Rachel Fleischer of Hermitage notes that technology is also adding to lighting design saying, “Homeowners are looking for automation and additional safety features that technology can provide.” Such automation is often controlled by Smart Home Technology. Deborah Hayden of DC 7 Designs says, “With smart lighting and temperature adjustment, lighting is so much easier to weave into design, we can now create a well-lit home and be in harmony with nature.”

Industrial features, such as Edison bulbs, are still popular, by that the look is becoming more refined with warm tones and natural materials. Esther Lovinggood says, “Industrial features are still in, but the trend has shifted toward a more refined style. Warm tones and natural materials soften the look. Edison bulbs are still trending, especially when combined with pendant lights and glass shades.” Bohnne Jones of Decorating Den Interiors says Edison Bulbs remain a staple but they too are finding new life as the styles evolve and can be incorporated into many types of design. “The Edison Bulb – which is available in incandescent and LED varieties are maintaining their popularity. The exposed bulb style is complementary to many different design schemes: farmhouse, industrial, glam lodge, some cottage & mid-century, as well as bohemian.”

When it comes to outdoor lighting design, our experts agree on importance and safety. “Outdoor lighting is so important! Not only for looks but for safety! Lots of people overlook landscape lighting, and while it can get costly, it can also ward off intruders or animals,” says Mary Soeder. Properly designed outdoor lighting can also add magic and definition to a space or landscaping. Our experts agree that thinking about how you use the space and the safety of those who use it is important when designing outdoor lighting.

Overall, our experts agree that lighting design should extend to every area of the home. From safety to warmth to highlighting architectural features of the space, lighting design is not something to ignore. Thus, every room deserves superior lighting design. Esther Lovinggood clarifies: “Outside of kitchen and bath, we have seen the biggest changes in living spaces. In the kitchen, you need task lighting for a high traffic area. In the bathroom, you need lighting that makes the mirror and the person reflected in it a focal point. In the living room, you can get creative with your lighting design without sacrificing function.” Deborah Hayden of DC 7 Designs points out, “Lighting is key in every room of the home. Tripping and falling are the most common injuries in the home and it doesn’t matter what age the resident is. Lighting is a safety measure as well as a design element. You won’t want too many lights but neither do you want too few or bad placements.”

There are a number of sources for interior lighting in the Nashville area including:

Absolute AV Consulting, Inc., Brentwood, TN 615-656-8900

Closets by Design, Franklin, TN 615-261-8700

Crye-Leike Realty, Hendersonville 615-400-8141

DC 7 Designs Nashville, 615-490-2637

Decorating Den Interiors, Nashville, TN 615-469-7334

Ferguson Kitchen, Bath & Lighting, Clarksville 931-647-0276 Lebanon 615-444-2111 Murfreesboro 615/ 890-5599 Nashville 615-385-3054

Hermitage Lighting Gallery, Nashville 615-843-3300

Ironware, Nashville 615-726-2500

Just Design This, Auburntown, TN 615-606-8450

Kenny & Company, Nashville 615-782-8000

The Lamp Gallery, Murfreesboro, Tn 615-893-8355

Luminosity Lighting Gallery, Hendersonville 615-431-2872

Nashville Lamp & Shade, Nashville, TN 615-828-9550

PDI Kitchen, Bath & Lighting Showroom, Nashville 615-490-8316

Preservation Station, Nashville, TN 615-292-3595

ReFresh Home, Franklin 615-472-1336

Remax Elite, Brentwood

The Snooty Fox, Brentwood, TN 615-661-4561

Southeastern Salvage Home Emporium, Chattanooga, TN 423-385-1841

Team One Electrical Services, Brentwood 615/ 323-9670

The Lamp Gallery, Murfreesboro 615/ 893-8355


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