Roofing Trends

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The color of your home’s exterior can really make or break its curb appeal. And experts say that many homeowners are gazing upward to their roofs to make a statement.

“Whether you go with a timeless look or you shake things up with something more modern, the color of your roof can really be an area for true self-expression,” says national color expert Kate Smith of Color Marketing Group and owner of Sensational Color.

“Roofing colors should reflect a homeowner’s personal style and tie in with the overall home exterior,” she says.

If your roofing has had a rough season, or you simply want to change things up, take advantage of the warmer months, which are an ideal time for big home improvements. Smith, who provides color consultancy for DaVinci Roofscapes, offers homeowners insight into style trends.

She suggests taking a “top down” approach to adding eye-pleasing color palettes to your home’s exterior. Start with the roof color, then work your way down the house to consider siding, window frames, front entry door, and trim. The most timeless roofing colors used on American homes include black, gray, and cedar. Black, in particular, is always a safe bet.

“It’s no surprise that black, which denotes power and authority, never goes out of style for any use,” Smith says. “From the little black dress to the luxury black car to a crisp black tuxedo, there is an upscale feeling about black that crosses product and category boundaries.

She also suggests homeowners consider roofing colors that are gaining popularity including shades of green, clay, and terracotta. Terracotta or clay colors are well suited for a Mediterranean style home, while green roofs work well in wooded settings or can easily ‘soften’ the look of a home in an exposed location.

Historically, brightly colored roofs have been quite common. A range of reds, greens, and even golds were used on all styles of homes in the past.

Also, consider blending multiple colors. A mixture of two to eight colors is ideal. You can get a good sense of how they will look using free online resources.

If you want something you can’t find anywhere, DaVinci Roofscapes can custom create any color imaginable.

“Our roofs provide us with a haven to satisfy a craving for a place to think and renew,” says Jeff Richfield, president of Music City Roofers. “Having all five of our senses continually bombarded in daily life has created a deep desire for a home environment that conveys harmony and calm.
“We get that sense of silence and contentment in the tones of deep gray, smokey plum and even muted teal that are growing in popularity. These are the ‘top down’ color shades we’ll see gaining in popularity on home exteriors in 2014.”

Eddie Patterson of Reliable Roofing says more homeowners, not just the builders, are making the decision about house, trim, and shingle color and design. “Architectural shingles have become the most desired style for homeowners in our area.” he says. “The style of architectural shingle helps prevent wind damage and the look is attractive to homeowners.”

Reporting that there have been improvements with felt underlayment is Hollie Knight of David Patton Construction. “It lays flatter and does not wrinkle when wet. Roofing colors still remain almost unlimited!”

Adding that her company does not recommend 3-tab shingles due to their lack of wind resistance and short longevity, Knight agrees architectural shingles have become a standard in many areas.

According to Mary Jenkins-Kline of Rutledge Interiors, “The past decade has seen further development of single ply roof membrane and development of heat-reflective surfaces. We have also seen asphalt shingles being offered in white which reduces heat penetrating a roof with some energy savings. We are now seeing a new product, solar shingles. These can protect the roof and generate power, and grants in some states can pay 40 to 50 percent of the cost.”

There are a number of local sources for roofing including:

David Patton Construction
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DaVinci Roofing
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Music City Roofers LLC
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Reliable Roofing
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