Best Decor Ideas for a Ranch-Style Home

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Ranch homes have so many benefits. Whether you just moved into one or have been trying to figure out what to do with yours in terms of decor, you’re in luck. Ranch houses are unique in their quaintness, and that leaves so much room for creativity and exploration.

Whether you want a homey, cozy epicenter for your life or you’d rather go full modernist, there are so many ways to make your ranch house the place to be and use every inch to your advantage.

If you’re still not entirely sure — maybe you’re still looking for your perfect place — a ranch house is an architectural style that involves one story, a long roofline, and large windows. While there are other hallmark traits and different types that have blossomed over the years — think split-level ranches and California ranches — the single-story factor is among the most important qualifications.

If you’re thinking about how you’d like to decorate your single-story beauty, there are so many great ideas that can help you make the most of your home. Here are 10 to get you started.

1. Open Floor Plans

Ranch houses tend to be smaller and longer, which is a shape that lends itself especially well to open floor plans.

Continuing the same flooring from the kitchen to the dining room and the living room, and opening up the space for prime socialization and family time, isn’t just aesthetically pleasing. It’s also a great way to connect with one another in your home.

If you adore wide spaces and clean lines, an open floor plan can help you make the most of your ranch home.

White Living Room and Kitchen in New Luxury Home with Open Concept Floor Plan

2. Wood Everywhere

Wood is a neutral and earthy decor choice, and it suits ranch homes especially well. If your home has exposed beams, wood flooring, or other wood detailing, running with what you already have can be a great way to retain the bones of your home and add an intentional, sophisticated air to it.

3. Making Curb Appeal Count

Ranch houses have a bit less surface area to account for curb appeal than two-story homes, which means every inch should count.

Painting the exterior in a color you love, maintaining the lawn, and having a simple, attractive front door are all great first steps. Another idea is to get a new garage door. Replacing your garage door has an ROI of 98.3%, making it one of the best investments to add value to your home.

4. Minimalism

Many people will tell you that less is more, and they might just be right. If you’re working with a small, simple, open space, going a bit more minimal with your design can create a sleek and light space for you to enjoy. Keeping clutter to a minimum and being selective about the decor items you choose can keep your place looking clean and beautiful.

5. Open Windows

Ranch houses are often categorized by their use of big windows, so why not make the most of them?

Windows and natural light can bring a natural cheer to any space and make rooms look bigger. Finding light curtains and keeping windows open during the day can open up your home, using its natural features to create a unique and uplifting atmosphere.

You can even find transparent curtains that let in most, but not all, of the light if direct sun is too bright.

6. Light Neutrals

In spaces that flow well, light neutral colors can make any room feel open, bright, and clean. Dark colors tend to make rooms feel small and dense, so if you’re looking to open things up, softer hues will be your friend. Neutral colors have also been in trend in recent years and can create a calming environment.

7. Vintage Blends

You may already know this, but ranch houses as we know them became popular in the 1950s. Whether you actually have a house from way back when or you live in a newer home, it can be easy to see where the past inspires the present.

So why not run with it? Styles like mid-century modern and bohemian chic can involve a bit of historical inspiration while still allowing you to keep your house totally yours.

8. Feng Shui

In a house with a longer structure where the rooms flow into one another, capturing that flow and keeping the energetic nature of it intact could make the difference not just in the look, but also the feel of your home.

You don’t need to go totally wild with it, but learning the basics of feng shui can give you a bit of guidance in setting up the energetic current of your ranch house.

9. Porch Love

If you happen to have a porch — either out front or in the back — making the most of it isn’t just about curb appeal. It’s also about your enjoyment of the space, too. Think rocking chairs, outdoor furniture, plants, and string lights.

So go all-out and love your porch! That way, you’ll have an additional space to enjoy and a beautiful attention grabber for those passing by.

10. A Personal Touch

While this goes for any house, it must be said. The most important thing to keep in mind when decorating your home is to keep things personal. Trends and design rules are great for learning the ropes, but at the end of the day, you need to love your home and be proud of the care and attention you brought to it.

If you hate minimalism, don’t do it! If you adore your light-blocking curtains, keep them! Design is all about finding what features help you best enjoy your home, one step at a time.

Decorating Your Ranch-Style Home

When it comes to decorating your ranch-style home, it’s all about using the space to your advantage to make your home feel big, bright, open, and flowing. Just like with any decor, it’s all about blending your personal style with techniques that make your home pop.

From feng shui to natural materials, there is so much you can do to make your ranch the place to be. All you need to do is get started! What’s your favorite part of your ranch home?

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