Hot Window Design Trends for 2021

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2021 will continue to push the boundaries of what home means to each of us. We are hyper-focused on adding beauty and functionality to the rooms that we’re spending so much time in, especially the ones that are truly just for us like offices, laundry rooms and family rooms. Families are allocating more money to improving their spaces and windows represent an ideal investment.

New windows can refresh a room, add more natural light and improve energy efficiency. We spoke with the window and door experts at Pella Windows & Doors to learn about the window trends for 2021. Here’s a look at what they are predicting:

Quiet Spaces

If there’s ever been a time when we need quiet spaces and privacy, it’s now. Parents are working from home and many children are tackling virtual learning. Creating an indoor environment that’s intentionally quiet, and one that limits outside distractions is so important says Nicolle Picray, brand communications and PR manager for Pella Windows & Doors. And when it comes to windows, Picray says homeowners should look for windows designed to keep noise out.

“Loud, persistent noises can have a significant effect on mental health and a person’s wellbeing. Through innovation and product design, we’ve developed a wood window that reduces sound by 52 percent when compared to single pane windows – that makes a significant improvement in the overall quiet of your home.


Americans are staying in their homes longer than ever before. As Baby Boomers have grown older interior designers are becoming more intentional designing spaces for clients who plan on aging in place. Pella has recognized that customers need window and door products that offer easy operation for everyone, embracing that trend with the introduction of the Easy Slide Operator. The Easy-Slide Operator replaces the cumbersome cranks on awning and casement windows with a new hardware solution that allows homeowners to easily slide the operator up to open and down to close the window.

More Natural Light

Natural light is a top contributor to feeling well at home. Not only does natural light make a room look more cheerful, it can help regulate healthy sleep and wake cycles. It’s no wonder the trend toward taller, wider windows and broader expanses of glass is not fading. “Size and scale continue to be large,” says Picray. With Pella’s Impervia line, for example, fixed awning and casement windows are available in sizes up to 71-1/2” x 79-1/2”.

Indoor-outdoor Living

The desire for more space, and fresh air has created a need to bring indoor and outdoor living together. In fact, it’s been amplified during the pandemic as homeowners have made improvements to their outdoor areas to create a sense of sanctuary and provide a safer gathering space. For remodelers, there may be opportunities to replace a dated bank of windows with a large sliding patio door or bi-fold door. For homes where this isn’t a possibility, consider pass-through windows as an alternative.

Black Window Frames

Darker window colors continue to be popular. In fact, Picray says Pella has seen demand for black frames on its fiberglass Impervia line increase about 200 percent in just the past few years. Black is taking the most share from white, Picray says, and its popularity is partially driven by its ability to go well with the “modern traditional” home styles that are in demand.


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