Guest Bathroom/Powder Room Trends

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Both the powder room and the guest bathroom deserve special attention; however, trends in design for these spaces are moving toward trying out different design ideas. While keeping a sense of cohesiveness in design throughout the home is important, for 2021 our experts say guest bathrooms and powder rooms do not have to match the master bath or the kitchen. Powder rooms are a great place to do something unique and fun while trends for guest bathrooms are open and airy.

Offering overnight guests some privacy makes the guest bathroom truly important. With the pandemic starting to wane and family and friends starting to travel again, offering guests a place all their own allows for an affirming visit and privacy for everyone. Our experts point out that the guest bathroom trends, while sometimes scaled-down versions of the master bath, homeowners “seem to want the spaces to be open and bright with clean lines,” says Sharon Hicks of Carriage House Custom Home and Interiors.

A guest bathroom should be inviting and refreshing. Optimize natural light, especially if the room has windows. Our experts point out along with simple things like cleaning light fixtures, changing bulbs, and adding new light fixtures, touches like high-quality linens or a live plant adds the special to the space. Storage and functionality are necessary to be at attention with as well. Guest bathrooms are often smaller and have fewer storage options than a master bath. Ernie Sanchez of Trace Ventures says, “The visual design takes place to create more open spaces. People want a lot in a small bathroom. You have to be creative to design with compact items such as vanity cabinets with storage, recess storage areas within these spaces, or do more of a non-fitted room with fewer items.” Creating storage with a vanity, open shelving, or a small cabinet. Experts also suggest adding a pop of color with an accessory or adding a unique mirror shape can add to the light and airy feel while personalizing the space and tying it to other areas in the home, such as the guest bedroom.

Powder rooms, on the other hand, are trending toward a “wow” factor. Because they are such a small space but get a lot of traffic, our experts point out that the powder room is a great place for homeowners to do something unique, fun, daring, and special. Tammy McKinney of Superior Custom Homes & Remodeling says powder room design for 2021 is full of “uniqueness, fun, and personality. It is a small space with a big wow factor.” Experts agree that powder room design is an opportunity for the homeowner to try something new or flex their design muscle from color to fixtures. Tammy McKinney suggests the powder room is the perfect place to experiment with wallpaper and small vanities: “Wallpaper is the rage for a powder bath, and small, floating vanities are key options in tiny spaces.”

Guests might use both spaces but don’t feel the areas have to match. Powder rooms are often a true reflection of the homeowner’s unique style, while the guest bathroom allows the homeowner to create an inviting and relaxing space for their guests. Our experts suggest focusing on making conscious decisions and selecting details that reflect you create a space with impact.

When considering fixtures for each space, our experts say brushed and black are hot trends. “There are a lot of new options available in fixture finishes – new colors, combination of finished such as brushed and black combo in a fixture, and new technology available,” says Sharon Hicks. Ernie Sanchez points out that gold fixtures are trending again, “Deck-mounted, and wall-mounted faucets are still strong. Clean, European designs, less is more, clear glass with minimal hardware. Gold is back!” Other guest and powder room design trends are emerging in color – lighter colors and clean lines for guest bathrooms, deeper colors, and expressive wallpaper in the powder room. Ernie Sanchez says colors and materials in guest/powder room design are “all over the board, in a good way….a lot of wood, metal, glass, colorful, textured tiles, and lighting.” Sanchez also says when it comes to cabinets, there is a trend toward the effect of more open space, “Keeping things off the floor, such as floating cabinets, to let the floor continue under cabinet areas creates a more open space.”

As with other areas of design, technology is playing a role as well. Touch technology for lighting, hands-free faucets, toilets, and audio systems are considerations when designing the space. Technology can also be implemented with unique features in any bathroom, such as warming drawers, heated floors, toilets with built-in seat warmers, and even voice-activated lighting. Smart technology also extends into smart mirrors that can provide weather, news, and traffic updates.

Ultimately, our experts agree that homeowners should take stock of their space and how it gets used and allow that reflection inform the overall design. Guest bathrooms and powder rooms are often smaller spaces, and it’s possible to overdesign for the space leaving it unfunctional for the homeowner. Focus on important details and create a unique and airy space that fits both your home and your lifestyle.

Whether the bathroom that’s ready for guests or the more trafficked powder room, 2021 is proving to be the moment to transform that design idea into a reality. Our experts offer these final tips for designing the perfect guest bath or powder room:

White wall bathroom interior close up with a long wooden shelf with a gray round sink on it and a horizontal mirror. 3d rendering mock up

  • Make the space comfortable for any guest, pleasing to the homeowner, and easy to maintain.
  • Design for the size. Think about what you can get into that space to allow for function and storage while keeping it open and spacious. 

There are several sources for powder room and guest bathroom design in the Greater Nashville area including:

 Superior Custom Homes & Remodeling, Brentwood, TN 615-244-9771

Carriage House Custom Homes and Interiors, Inc., Franklin, TN 615-224-3545

Trace Ventures, Nashville, TN 615-292-7354

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