Bonus Room Design

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Bonus rooms or bonus space offer homeowners lots of options for how to use the space while multiplies design ideas. Whether a kids playroom, a teen hangout room, a master suite, an office, or meditation space, a bonus room offers a lot of flexibility and invites truly innovate design choices and the opportunity to transform that bonus room into the room of your dreams.

Our experts point out that there are lots of design options trending for bonus room space in 2021. Topping the list is a media or theater room. Perhaps inspired by the pandemic and everyone living and working at home, having in home theater or media space for movies and games (don’t forget the blackout shades) offers more family relax time away from the office and computer work. Derek Van Mol of Van Mol Restoration explains. “Over the last year, families have been forced to spend a lot more time in their home. Homeowners have spent that time imagining how to use their space to its fullest. Bonus rooms are great as a place to ‘get away’ inside their home. We are creating more home theaters to enjoy the game with the guys or a movie with the whole family.” Other design ideas are transforming that space into an “adult playroom, such as a wine tasting room, complete with humidor and display of magnificent bottles” says Aaron B. Holladay of Groove Park Construction. Along with home theater space, gaming is also on the rise. The pandemic had shifted the way people live in and use their homes. Creating a versatile space that includes gaming is important. Richard Friesen of Absolute AV Consulting, Inc. says, “major studios are making new releases available constantly and gaming is following that trend.”

Multifunctionality is also at the top of the list for 2021. Space for kids and teens along with storage and room for the family to gather and watch a movie are all important features this year for bonus space. “Kids need a quiet space to study, and including an area for a large screen tv, music, crafts, and/or game tables Incorporating features such as “a kitchenette w/ drawers, a small dishwasher, undercounter fridge with an ice maker, and/or a wine chiller,” offers Jennifer Jones of Jennifer Jones Designs, and Hugh Cobb of Cobb Home Improvements offers, “multipurpose space with light, storage, or possibly a bed for guests,” and Derek Van Mol notes, “the pandemic has affected the kids just as much as the parents. Creating a space that is versatile for adults and children is the key.” Overall, multifunctionality should include both work and play as Allen Decuyper of PARKS Realty points out, “that bonus space should include more family interactions and interactive play for all members or multiple members of the family playing together.”

Child room interior with colorful shelves near brick wall

When it comes to design style there are a number of trends in bonus rooms for 2021, such as acoustic wall treatments, lots of color (including carpet/carpet tiles), and more natural light. Jennifer Jones adds, “comfortable seating and tables with lamps (that aren’t easy to break), places to put up your feet and have snacks, large screen tv’s, and built ins with deep shelves for storage” are all trending for multifunctional space. Giving the room character or specific areas for specific tasks is also a style that is trending. “Workstations and multifunctional desks, tables and bookcases, and lots of comfortable seating for different types of tasks” is important says Allen Decuyper.

Our experts also point out that the bonus room can also be a gathering space for family gatherings. With the pandemic still evolving and more families gathering at home rather than out in public, the bonus room becomes “overflow for large family gatherings and having seating or relaxing space such as comfy sofas, pull-out beds or a great looing Murphy bed is a great way to gather together, dance, or have a fun game night,” says Jennifer Jones. Our experts also suggest, don’t forget about the element of fun, “bean bags, especially for kids and teens, and a refreshment area with a small fridge” liven up an otherwise dreary space.

As with every other area of the home, technology is also an important part of the design plan. with bonus space, our experts recommend making sure the wifi reaches the bonus room so no one looses the signal when streaming. “Wifi connectivity must be high speed,” says Richard Friesen, “it has to accommodate video conferencing, remote learning, streaming movies and gaming. Excellent coverage plus additional easy to access outlets are a must.” Derek Van Mol adds, “teenagers are all about the technology. Make sure you have music and wifi readily available.”

And for storage, our experts recommend making sure the storage matches the use of the space. “Make certain areas designated for project such as crafts (like bead work) or Legos, and plenty of plastic boxes with lids,” says Jennifer Jones. And use everything available to you. Hugh Cobb offers, “window seats or furniture with drawers beneath the seating” or even adding a dumbwaiter for easy transport of heavy items like laundry, sports equipment or even furniture are all great options to keep the space neat and usable for everyone.

Overall, our experts recommend looking at what works best for your lifestyle and home first, then make design choices to fit those goals. In that vein, our experts have some special tips for designing your bonus space:

  • Keep it simple!! Make all furniture easy to wipe clean, lamps that will not break, and flooring that can be swept and easily cleaned.
  • Don’t forget ceiling fans to move and cool the air.
  • Add window treatments that are very simple, and usually with black out lining
  • Go with your gut. Make the room fit your family as a whole and your needs as a parent.
  • Let the child/teen have an input in the design so they will be excited to share their special place with friends.
  • Use some color add some texture to a wall or ceiling spend some money on good lighting.
  • As baby boomers downsize their homes, the move-up homes must accommodate the generational family gatherings, so the play/teen/hangout room has extra sleeping surfaces, indoor cousin play space, etc.
  • Consider updating the space with automation, remote shading, and voice activation.

There are several options for Bonus Room Design in Nashville:

Absolute AV Consulting Inc. Brentwood, TN 615-656-8900

Jennifer Jones Design, Inc Nashville, TN 615-354-8907

Van Mol Restoration Nashville, TN 615-812-7757

Parks Realty Brentwood, TN 615-969-6188

Grove Park Construction Brentwood, TN 615-410-5701

Cobb Home Innovations, LLC Woodbury, TN 615-439-0438

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