Aging in Place Home Tour Oct. 30-31

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Aging in Place Home Tour Oct. 30-31

A senior-friendly home being built to highlight design for a healthy aging environment will be open to the public October 30-31 in Green Hills. It’s a custom-built home for a local couple that has wants to Age in Place, but whose long-time family home did not fully support that goal.

The ‘A Better Nest Idea House’ is designed to address both the owners’ needs and wants, and will showcase a variety of features that support healthy aging in any home environment.

A Nashville-based consultancy that specializes in making homes simpler, safer, and more livable for seniors and households with special needs, is presenting the ‘A Better Nest Idea House.’ The company has special expertise in Aging in Place and was hired to consult on this ground-up build.

“The home has been customized to reflect the owners’ lifestyle and aesthetic, while incorporating features that will allow for graceful aging, according to Denise Becker, project manager for the Idea House and Certified Aging in Place Specialist.

“This is a zero-step entry home, meaning no stairs or ramps are required to get into the house. The home has wide doorways, high toilets, grab bars, and other typical modifications that increase functionality for the residents, but it doesn’t stop there. Tremendous thought and planning were given to all aspects of the space,” Becker says.

The home’s owners are allowing tours of the home prior to their taking up residence there. “It’s an opportunity to bring the community into the conversation about Aging in Place in a tangible way,” she adds.

According to Cindy J. Natsch, A Better Nest’s owner, “A house becomes a home when familiarity, functionality, and ease of livability are married. Our clientele typically doesn’t get all that excited about the trendy or modern, and they often don’t like “design” for design’s sake. What resonates with them is the home they have come to love and live in over the years.”

“Our job is to understand people and their interactions with their homes—who they are and how they live. We are successful when we translate that understanding into tangible results…some subtle, some substantial,” says Natsch.

Experts at A Better Nest say the ideal home for Aging in Place is comfortable and practical, and it preserves activity and independence. It is a home that works for the people who live and visit there.

“We’re excited to showcase a thoughtful, warm, accessible home that is a reflection of our clients’ wants and needs. The Idea House presents a variety of features that can be incorporated in any home,” said Becker.

Donations will be accepted onsite. For information call 615/ 624-0954 or visit For updates on open house location, hours and parking follow A Better Nest on Facebook and Twitter.

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