Laundry Rooms and Mud Rooms

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Laundry rooms that frequently double as mud rooms have been coming out of the basement and closet for several years. The experts agree that as space has become a prominent feature in many modern homes, homeowners frequently add an additional laundry area in the master bedroom or upstairs near bedrooms.

Ferguson’s Stansell Dye says that the trend is to place laundry rooms in more accessible areas of the home. “A first-floor laundry room can also double as a command center, craft area, or storage station,” he says. “Laundry appliances don’t have to be tucked away into a closet or a nook, so select a coordinating washer and dryer that work well with your existing appliances and decor.”

laundry roomAgreeing that laundry rooms are no longer the room that is kept behind closed doors is Catherine Henderson of CMS Designs. “They’re used for so much more than just doing laundry,” she says. “They can be designed to be very large and grandiose or small and efficient. Shelving and cubbies have become a popular trend to provide more storage, organization, and to allow the space to act as a drop zone for items that are used every day. They might also incorporate pet showers, counters for folding clothes, soaking sinks multiple laundry hampers, and built-in ironing boards.”

Joni Szell of Joni Szell Designs reports that laundry rooms no longer have one function—they’re multipurpose. “While the tiny house movement has yet to really take hold with most Americans, the trickle-down effect is that every room doubles as something else and there is no underutilize space anymore.” One laundry room she recently designed includes a prep area for the homeowners’ busy entertaining schedule. “In addition to the washer and dryer, it includes refrigerator, dishwasher, prep sink, serving pieces, and a second pantry,” she adds.

The experts agree that homeowners want the laundry room to be as welcoming as it is functional. Henderson says that laundry rooms are frequently designed to be a showplace. “A lot of time is spent in the laundry room so it may as well be as pleasant as possible,” she says.

Bohnne Jones of Decorating Den Interiors says her firm has helped beautify laundry rooms with wallpaper, countertops, and window treatments. Like others, she notes that the space at the family entrance to the home is frequently called a mud room.
“Gone are the days when laundry rooms were left out of the home tour,” says Tim Grove of Nadeau Furniture. “Rooms can be as beautiful as they are functional. Stick with classic colors and add some cool and trendy chalkboards, baskets, and cubbies to keep organized and reduce clutter attractively.”

Bold colors and designs are more frequently found in appliances, and recent colors have included Pacific Blue, Black Diamond, Wild Cherry, Emerald Green, Titanium, Ocean Blue, Tuscan Chestnut, and Champagne. Unfinished or stark white walls have been replaced by bright color.

According to Teresa Zilinsky of Teresa Zilinsky Interior Designs, most women view the laundry room/mud room as a workspace and catch all area. “However, having the space flow and be a part of the family home is important. Function plus style is what most homeowners are seeking,” she says.

Zilinsky adds that adding shelves, hooks, and cubbies is an easy way to convert a traditional laundry room into a modern mudroom or drop-off station.

Reporting that his company’s product is a concrete alternative countertop surface, Regan Zieglar of ReVelle says many customers have used the product in laundry rooms. Largely in part because of its appearance, Zieglar says the countertops are used in areas where non-family enter the home through the family entrance.

There are a number of sources in the Nashville area for mudrooms/laundry rooms including:

CMS Designs
615/ 944-9684

Decorating Den
615/ 469-7334

Clarksville 931/ 647-0276
Murfreesboro 615/ 890-5599
Nashville 615/ 385-3054

Hantel Kitchens & Baths
615/ 292-3070

Joni Sznell Designs
615/ 260-3148

Nadeau Furniture
615/ 298-2474

877/ 812-5357

Teresa Zilinsky Interiors Designs
615/ 772-1481

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