12 Days of Fypon

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12 Days of Fypon

Add style to your holiday decor this year with uniquely-decorated Fypon® products. The lightweight polyurethane pieces are ideal for using for craft projects and holidays decorations. Available pre-primed and ready to decorate or install, the durable millwork pieces can be used on both the interior and exterior of the home.

For the 12 Days of Fypon, try any of these projects to enhance your home for the holidays:

Day #1 – Festive Finials – Full-round Fypon finials in the pineapple style signify hospitality to your visitors. Hand paint these 11- and 14- inch tall lightweight pieces and add to the mantel to welcome friends and family to your seasonal festivities.

Day #2 – Card Holder – Not sure how to display your favorite holiday cards? Hand or spray paint a ceiling medallion. When dry, use a staple gun to attach hard poster board to the back of the medallion, leaving the sides closest to the outer edges “open” so that when the medallion is flipped over, cards can be slipped into the poster board for display. Staple a loop of ribbon to the medallion back and hang on a picture hook or nail.

Day #3 – Glittery Louver Wall Art – Silver and gold paint add sparkle to a round sunburst louver to make an elegant wall decoration. Allow your creativity to soar by painting in more traditional red and green colors or adding glitter to the keystone pieces.

Day #4 – Holiday Wreaths – Round solid ceiling medallions with detailed carvings make beautiful wreaths for the inside or outside of the home. Paint the medallions and then staple a ribbon to the back for easy hanging on a suction cup (on glass surfaces), nail or peg. Add glitter, pinecones, berries or greenery to bring together your holiday theme.

Day #5 – Holiday Shelf – Need extra space for all your holiday decorations? No worries, you can make a faux mantel shelf to display holiday cards and lightweight decorations … and to hang the stockings. Construct your personal shelf using dentil moulding, porch spandrels, a keystone and brackets.

Day #6 – Medallion Messages – The center opening in a ceiling medallion can be creatively used to offer holiday messages to friends and family. Start by painting the medallions and attaching ribbon to the back for hanging. Then, print out several words from your computer, like “Ho-Ho-Ho” or “Joy – Peace – Hope.” Tape or staple one word on the back of each medallion, centering the word for easy reading.

Day #7 – Color Wall – Add a pop of color to any wall with a custom piece of artwork created out of chair rail moulding. Cut the moulding strip into uniform one-inch blocks. Paint the front and sides of each block a different color. Arrange and attach to a lightweight piece of plywood with adhesive. Be creative and spell out a holiday message with the blocks or your family’s name!

Day #8 – Celebration Centerpieces – Create a fast and easy holiday centerpiece by painting a ceiling medallion. Place on your table and add a battery-operated candle in the center “hole” of the medallion. You can also place a topiary or small tabletop tree in the center opening. After the holidays re-use the medallions in a wall arrangement or with small mirrors in the center.

Day #9 – Advent Calendar – Construct a unique advent calendar for the family using lightweight plinth blocks. Start with a long piece of chair rail moulding for the stand. Then decorate the back of the blocks with pictures related to the holiday season or special clues as to surprise gifts hidden in the house. Affix each plinth block to a peg or nail in the moulding base that can turn around on the designated date to reveal your holiday-themed message.

Day #10 – Welcoming Spires – Looking for unique way to enhance your front entryway? Accent your door with attractive, non-breakable Fypon polyurethane spires decorated and placed in planters! Available in several styles, these tall decorative pieces can be spray painted and then dashed with glitter. The anchoring pipe at the base makes it easy to attach the spire to a foam base placed in a holiday urn or planter.

Day #11 – Medallion Mirror – Normally used on the ceiling, lightweight polyurethane ceiling medallions can easily be spray painted. Turn the medallion over and glue a craft store mirror to cover the opening in the center. Then hang in the doorway so family and guests have a fast way to check out their attire before going caroling.

Day #12 – Appliqué Ornaments – Lightweight, small and ideal for tree decorations, appliqués such as shells, rosettes and scroll pieces can be hand or spray painted. A terrific children’s project, once dry just staple a ribbon on the backside and hang on the tree for instant pizzazz!

Fypon offers thousands of decorative millwork elements in a variety of architectural styles to enhance the interior and exterior of America’s homes. Each piece is crafted from tough, weather-resistant, high-performance materials that are resistant to decay, insect infestation and water damage for long-lasting beauty and low maintenance. For additional information, call 800-446-3040 or visit www.fypon.com.

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