Custom Closet Trends

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Closet Trends

Custom closets are more popular than ever, according to Sandra Sokol of Closets by Design. “Closets, obviously, offer space for clothing, toys, and everything the homeowner doesn’t want laying about the house. And customization is the solution to make that space work the best it can for the homeowner. Everyone has different needs, and custom closets need not be expensive in order to make space more useful.”

Kurt Schusterman of California Closets says that homeowners’ lifestyles are so hectic today that closet organization helps bring some calmness, sanity, and control to an otherwise hectic pace. “While we continue to have homeowners with larger homes call us to optimize their closet spaces,” Schusterman says, “we are finding an increased demand from people who have downsized and have a greater need for customized storage space.”

Living a more organized life leads to greater efficiency and happier lives for his clients, according to Frank Floyd of The Closet Company. “Clients say that being able to easily see and access items eases the stresses of beginning the daily routine,” he says.

The experts say that although many couples share a large closet space, the trend is toward separate spaces. The needs of men and women are different, they agree, with longer spaces for dresses, more space for women’s shoes, and three-way mirrors. Both sexes, Floyd says, appreciate closets designed for their specific needs—hidden compartments for jewelry or guns, and safe rooms hidden by clothing.

Sokol reports that specialized features might include drawers, ironing boards, mirrors, jewelry inserts, lucite drawers, clothes hampers, valet rods, belt racks, and tie racks. Sokol adds that Closets by Design in many cases can triple the space set aside by a builder by using all the wall and air space not previously utilized.

Experts agree that many homeowners are incorporating enough drawer space in their closets to eliminate the need for bulky furniture in the master bedroom.

Terri Spears of Hermitage Lighting Gallery credits the internet and its emphasis on pretty and unique spaces for driving much of the interest in custom closets. “Besides being visually appealing, custom closets offer space utilization, organization, and individualized design for specific needs,” she says. “If space and budget are available, boutique-esque closets are popular. But the trend of custom closets and organization has become a commonplace amenity for any size home or space.”

Spears adds that custom closets are often treated as a room to enjoy, more than a mess to be hidden away. Beautiful finishes, lighting, and specialized storage are key to their popularity. Recent closets have included a safe for valuables, seating area, and a wet bar.

Specialized closets might incorporate additional electrical outlets for charging stations or make a statement with wallpaper to create a mood-lifting backdrop behind closet rods, according to Tammy McKinney of Superior Remodeling. She agrees with others who indicate a large walk-in closet can be designed to create a “his” and “hers” side for easy access.

Dan Moyer of the Closet Factory reports that once someone has enjoyed a custom closet it’s very hard to live without. “A custom closet can keep your wardrobe investment intact and it makes getting ready for the day much easier,” he says. Lighting is an important trend, Moyer says. “LED lights can be added to the underside of shelves to highlight collections and accessories with just the right touch of glam.”

Saying it’s hip to be organized, is Cynthia Crego of More Space Place. “Millennials are joining the custom closet market in a big way and the internet and HGTV offer an abundance of ideas for all kinds of stylish storage solutions,” she says. She adds that furniture pieces with lots of drawer space, high-end accessories, and abundant shoe storage top the list of requirements.

Crego says she also is seeing motion lighting, sitting areas, chandeliers, and islands with quartz or specialty wood tops in today’s custom closets. Barn doors are replacing bi-fold doors on reach-in closets.

“This is custom,” says Bohnne Jones of Decorating Den Interiors. “This is the time to have a special design accommodate your needs, whether it is long enough hanging space for your longest gowns or storage for all 18 pairs of your boots. The idea of a custom closet is to create space that will make your life easier and more organized,” she adds. 

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California Closets
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Closet Company, The
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Closet Factory
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Closets by Design
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Decorating Den Interiors
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