Southern Living Showcase House set Oct. 14-30

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Southern Living Showcase House Set Oct. 14-30

Scheduled from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. seven days a week, the Southern Living Showcase Home will be open October 14-30 at The Grove in College Grove, with several seminars scheduled as well.

Hatcliff Builders has selected Nashville’s Mitchell Barnett of Mitchell Burnett Architects and Planners to create the design for the home, the fourth collaboration between the Middle Tennessee native and Hatcliff Builders, which has been constructing homes in Middle Tennessee for 28 years. This will be the 12th home designed by Mitchell Barnett Architect built in The Grove.

With a style defined as traditional with contemporary flair, Barnett says that his approach to each project differs, depending on two factors: The build site and the owner’s own style. In regard to the Southern Living Showcase Home, “we wanted to display the expansive views that are visible from the rear of the house while paying homage to the traditional southern home that Southern Living is synonymous with,” explains Barnett.

Southern roots run deep in this home with 3,000 sq. ft. of covered porches complete with exterior fireplaces, large windows for an abundance of natural light, a carriage home, and a picket fence to complete the Southern traditional feel.

Barnett says, “There is an excitement to entering every room, from the unexpected vaulted ceiling in the master bath, to groin and vaulted ceilings in the entry foyer that provide light shining down from the second story. People who walk into this home have definitely discovered that wow factor.”

Barnett notes that the kitchen is the center of the majority of outdoor living spaces, adding that outdoor kitchens are getting more expansive, and it is common for the spaces to include sinks, refrigerators, wine coolers, hot plates, and more. He adds that, “It helps bring you from living in 4000 sq. ft. to 40,000 sq. ft. now that you have the whole outdoors to enjoy.”

Outdoor fire features are also growing in popularity, according to Barnett, whether it is a fireplace, a firepit, or some other heating alternative. “Having an outdoor fireplace adds flexibility and longevity to the use of the space,” says Barnett. “It makes the space go from being used 6-7 months out of the year to about 10-11 months out of the year.”

Seminars are scheduled on topics such as Smart Home 101, It’s In the Details, LIving Outside the Walls, and Fun With Food and Wine Pairings. Smart Home 101, scheduled between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. on October 18 and 25, tries to answer the question “just how ‘smart’ can a home be?  Attendees can learn how thte ligting, climate, whole home entertainment, security, and more are managed from a smart phone, tablet, remote, or keypad.

From 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. on October 17, 19, 24, and 26 Shirley Horoqitz, interior designer, will be on hand to talk furniture placement, when and how to incorporate drapery, and choosing the right balance of accessories, colors, and texture. Attendees will also see the latest prodcuts selections such as all-weather flooring, ship-lap siding, incorporating barrel and groin vaulted ceilings for maximum impact, and more.

Living Outside the Walls: Maximizing Your Living Spaces will explore how to turn  landscape obstacles into show-stopping features and exciting destination areas throughout the yard. The landscape experts responsible for the Showcase Home’s phenomenal landscape share secrets to choosing plants that will flourish and compliment the landscape and how they transformed a heavily wooded homesite, full of rock, large boulders, and a steeply sloped back yard into a place of natural wonder. Living Outside the Walls seminars are clated from 10″30-11:30 a.m. October 17 and 24.

From 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. on October 18 and 25, attendees at the Fun with Food and Wind Pairings seminar will discover  the perfect food and wine combination wine doesn’t have to be a challenge or expensive. Discover how pairing the right wine will enhance the flavors and aromas of a meal, elevating something the merely tastes good to something that is truly memorable dining experience.

Southern Creations Landscaping is part of the exclusive team behind the Southern Living Custom Builder Program Showcase Home. Southern Creations has served middle Tennessee for 30 years, creating and maintaining distinctive landscapes irrigation systems, lighting, and drainage systems, retaining walls, water features, and natural stone designs.

William “Butch” Hamby fell in love with landscape design in high school, and turned that passion into a career when he founded Southern Creations Landscaping in 1987.

When tasked with creating a sustainable landscape plan, Hamby’s priority was to create a traditional palette to match the traditional cottage home architecture.

“The existing landscape is beautiful with a lot of natural boulders, heavily wooded, and rolling terrain.” Hamby says. “We wanted the front to be clean, somewhat formal with a very detailed appearance.” One example of this is the clipped hedges along the front of the home with seasonal color found in the perennials.
In the back of the home, the plan is to allow the Middle Tennessee landscape—rolling topography with a lot of interesting boulders, some with nice moss accents—to shine through in the design. These will be used for creating destinations, places throughout the back yard. Look to see these boulders utilized to terrace the terrain, while others are clustered to create a fire pit and one boulder that is perfectly shaped will be used to create a water feature.

“With multiple porches overlooking the backyard, our objective is to keep the landscape simple, yet interesting,” says Hamby. “The destination areas are designed to entice you to explore, walk, or simply sit and appreciate the magnificent natural surroundings.”

For more information about the Southern Living Showcase Home call  615/ 368-3044 or visit

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