The Hottest Color Trends for Home Exteriors

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The Hottest Color Trends for Home Exteriors

Exterior colors can convey a mood, and color affects the aesthetic of a home. Stylish gray tones are making a splash from coast to coast. Another big trend for home exterior color is the changing character behind the colors.

Sites like Pinterest, Houzz and, with impressive photo galleries displaying different color homes, help homeowners quickly spot design trends and find inspiration.

Let your gray show

Gray has always been a key accent color, but today it’s showing up as the primary color choice on more and more homes across the country. As a natural base to neutral palettes, gray’s design versatility is gaining wider appreciation—and for a good reason.

A neutral palette provides dramatic contrast to white or dark trim to achieve eye-catching curb appeal while fitting comfortably into any neighborhood. As a main color choice, gray frames the natural beauty of landscaping without competing for attention. And the classic combination of gray, black and white on traditional homes creates a peaceful harmony.

A guide to what colors can convey

Designers at James Hardie Building Products understand that every color elicits a distinct impression. Dark grays, blues, and greens can feel both intellectual and modern. Soft grays and neutral shades are safe, but sophisticated. Lighter colors evoke a sense of sweetness and charm. Yellows and greens convey happiness and freshness. The colors of the sky and water are naturally calming. Deep reds, rich browns and golden yellows are warm and welcoming.

James Hardie’s color specialists have created a full spectrum of these shades in factory applied finishes to complement any setting and provide endless combinations.

Enduring beauty begins with the finish

Advanced, factory-applied finishes represent another growing trend in the world of exteriors. These finishes deliver on both aesthetics and performance. Innovative manufacturers are baking multiple coats of color onto fiber cement boards in a controlled environment for a vibrant, consistent finish with exceptional fade resistance. The finishes help keep a home looking beautiful longer compared to field-applied paints, which may require more frequent upkeep.

Another big advantage of these products is that they arrive on job sites ready for year-round installation. With no need to paint on-site during installation, there is no painting schedule to be affected by costly weather delays. Now, homeowners can have their re-side projects completed any time of the year. There’s no worrying about optimal painting conditions. And with a little research, you can assist homeowners in making their color choices with this same degree of confidence.

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