New Single-family Home Stats from Census Bureau

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New Single-family Home Stats from Census Bureau

The United States Census Bureau recently released highlights of single family homes completed in 2016, a number totalling 738,000. Of those, 686,000 had air conditioning, while 71,000 had two bedrooms or less and 336,000 of them had four bedrooms or more. The median size was 2,422 square feet.

And while 25,000 of the new single-family homes had 1 1/2 bathrooms or less, 273,000 ot the homes had three or more bathrooms. Some 178,000 of the new homes had stucco as the primary exterior wall material, while 200,000 had a full or partial basement. Some 61,000 had concrete framing.

Seven thousand of the new simgle-familhy homes were paid for in cash. Nationwide, some 5,000 of the homes were in a home owner’s association neighborhood.

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