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by Sarai Johnson

Solid wood furniture is beautiful, versatile, and can claim a place of prominence in practically any home, no matter what the decorating style.

A solid wood chest, armoire, or dining room table carefully chosen in a style you love will last forever,” says Gail Adkins of Change Magic Interior Redesign. “Solid wood furniture has always been popular. Now, it’s cherished for its durability and in the case of a chest or armoire, its versatility.”

People are choosing solid wood over manufactured wood, because “with solid wood, you see a continuous grain pattern all the way through,” says Amanda Burdge of AB Home Interiors. This is also an indicator of the strength and quality of the wood. The beauty and durability of the wood are one of many advantages. Karmal Skillington Mikhala Table

It’s practical because all scratches, dents, watermarks, and stains can all be repaired. Although veneer can also be repaired, repairs on materials such as veneers would be far more expensive than on solid wood. Also, solid wood won’t peel or curl.

Solid wood furnishings are far more likely than any alternative to eventually become an antique. Also, concerns about the issue of formaldehyde are eliminated with the purchase of solid wood. In addition, solid wood is sustainable because of its durability and is derived from one of the world’s only renewable resources. It also takes considerably less energy to create solid wood products than materials made of wood chips or layers.

According to Linda Gunter of Gunter Woodworking, custom-made wood furniture allows personalization of style, finish, and design unavailable in other furnishings.

The United States has a plethora of wood specimens from which to choose, including oak, maple, cherry, birch, cedar, and pine. According to the Hardwood Manufacturers Association, North American hardwood forests offer more choices than any other temperate hardwood forest in the world. American hardwoods have been recognized as green and sustainable by the United States government.

There are a number of sources for wood furniture in the Nashville area including:

AB Home Interiors
615/ 750-2768

Change Magic Interior Redesign
Spring Hill
615/ 275-9514

Gunter Woodworking

Hardwood Mftrs. Association

615/ 460-7197

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