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Value and enjoyability are primary reasons for adding hardscaping to a home, according to area experts. According to Brien DeGryse of Custom Hardscapes, the appearance and low maintenance of hardscaping, as well as the return on investment when selling a home are important factors.

Brad Norris of Norris Architecture says that the texture and interest that pavers and hardscaping create is the reason there is continuing interest in the various treatments to which they lend themselves.

Norris says the use of local crab orchard stone is gaining popularity again and reports that he likes to utilize pavers and stone in a sand base and applications that allow moss, grass, or other plants to grow between the hardscaping to soften the look.

“Pavers are preferred by many sophisticated homeowners,” says Beth O’Leary of Teacup Gardener. “The subtle variations in color and weathered, tumbled effect is very appealing.”

O’Leary adds that paver patios are a comparatively inexpensive way to add square footage and an attractive outdoor living area that will increase a home’s appeal and resale value.

DeGryse says one of his company’s most interesting projects has included a combination of pavers and stone with pavers serving as the edging.  “The combination of material is quite interesting visually,” he reports.

Pavers as a hardscaping material are popular, suggests Mysty Westfall of Rickenbaker Design, because of their versatility and their ability to create traditional or contemporary outdoor spaces.
The experts suggest that a damaged paver surface is easily repaired.

There are a number of sources for hardscaping in the Nashville area including:

20th Century Nursery Franklin 615/ 790-2790

Custom Hardscapes  Nashville 615/ 887-5554

Norris Architecture Nashville 615/ 329-8540hardscapehardscape

PaverPros LLC Nashville 615/ 20-7037

Rickenbacker Design Nashville 615/ 657-9662

Teacup Gardener Nashville 615/ 262-7441


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