Fuego Living launches advanced grill model for small spaces

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Backed with extensive market research and vast amounts of customer feedback, the new Fuego Professional gas grill is thoughtfully engineered to improve and enhance customers’ cooking experience.

“We began from the ground up, starting with the wheels. We added non-marking industrial casters ensuring a smooth and stable roll while moving your grill around your deck or patio.  We said goodbye to the cheap plastic casters other gas grills under $500 use,” says Ed Plummer., Fuego chairman.

“Moving up, we added a door clasp to keep the front panel closed securely, preventing annoying rattles,” he adds.

In addition, the company  improved the residue removal system to allow the cooking debris to drop straight into the residue tray., thus making cleanup easy.

In addition,  the Fuego Professional gets hot and it gets hot fast! Built in this unique design is a dual-zone burner system. Zone 1 alone contains 18,000 BTU/hr for indirect grilling, and zones 1 and 2 offer a combined 26,500 BTU/hr for direct heat perfect for searing meats, veggies and pizza.  

In addition, the Fuego Professional has a larger grill surface area, which now measures 415 square inches of primary grilling area with a 110 square-inch warming rack for a massive combined grilling area of 525 square inches.  “To put things into perspective, that’s large enough to cook 20 burgers at once!,” says Plummer.

Among other added improvements of the Fuego Professional include the hinged lid angled at 45°, so no more reaching over the hot fire like most gas grills. Not to mention the 9” of grilling height below the lid, perfect for a beer can chicken or three!!!

With the varying trends in the grill market, it is worth noting that the Fuego Professional maintains a compact 24”x24” footprint with the lid closed, which makes it a perfect addition to any small patio or balcony leaving plenty of space for socializing.

These state-of-the-art characteristics surely makes the Fuego Professional the most versatile grill on the market today. For more information visit www.fuegoliving.com.

About Fuego Living

Fuego Living is a gas grill manufacturer based in El Segundo, CA. Fuego contributes an innovative approach to the gas grill market and differentiates itself through its award winning design, convenience and world-class customer service.

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