Balancing the Trendy with the Timeless When Creating a Perfect Bedroom

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For designer Melissa Frederiksen, the idea of interior trends is a slippery slope that can lead to pricey looks and a short shelf life.

“A trend generally doesn’t stand the test of time,” says Frederiksen “People don’t usually redecorate often, so it’s easy for décor to look passé if it’s oversaturated with trendy looks.”

Through numerous Nashville and Michigan remodels and design consultations with her Atmosphere 360 Studio, Frederiksen has found bedrooms a common place where people are more prone to be drawn to trends. It would make sense that since you spend so much time there, your bedroom should reflect a personal style that is current and fashionable.

But Frederiksen says that in order to keep bedrooms looking fresh and timely, it’s also important to keep an eye toward the timeless. By having flexibility in your selections, and a good strategy, you’ll be more likely to avoid committing to a trend today that fizzles tomorrow.

That starts with taking a realistic approach to which areas of the room are best for making bold choices.

“If there are looks of the day you really love, use them sparingly,” she says.

Large budget commitments like beds, sofas or flooring are the most likely places where homeowners can get caught in the zeitgeist of the moment and be left behind when trends change. Instead, she advises indulging in accessories or painting the bedroom the “it” color of the year.

“Both are inexpensive to change when the look dies,” Frederiksen says. “And it will.”

Here are some ways that Frederiksen suggests homeowners can create a room that balances what’s “hot” with “classic and classy” and capture today’s trends while standing the test of time.

Pastels giving way to rich, full colors.

Where pastels and pink colors have been popular over the last few years, Frederiksen says that she sees a return to fuller colors such as rich blues, violets, emerald green, and lush reds. Finding a way to integrate these deeper colors into accessories or even wall paint can make a room feel like a comfy pair of slippers. “Dark rich colors give bedrooms warmth and the feeling of being in a cocoon,” says Frederiksen. And who doesn’t want to feel cozy when it comes to their bedroom?

The little black dress of windows.

Much like the classic cocktail dress, Frederiksen says that simple black window frames are a style that stays current, no matter the décor. Black window frames offers something to all decors, be it farmhouse, classic and even modernist style, with striking sharp lines and the a subtle frame of window views. And when it comes to budget investment, Frederiksen says that the timeless look of black window frames, when featured in a quality product, can make bedroom windows a star of any design for years to come. “I recently selected Pella’s Architect Series for a modern home because we needed high-quality windows with streamlined style and their product fit perfectly,” she says. The other benefit of black window frames, according to Frederiksen: Even the window hardware becomes a part of the look. “The small details can make or break a room down to window hardware and this was very important to my client,” she says. “And the Pella hardware gave a bold contemporary look that blended well with the room.”

Less art clutter.

Instead of a gallery wall approach with numerous pieces of small art decorating bedroom walls, Frederiksen says that large art is taking over the bulk of walls space in a way that presents more calm to the room. “Bedrooms should be a place for your brain to rest and sometimes there is just too much to look at,” she says. “Larger, singular pieces of art help provide a restful room beautifully.”

Accenting with textures.

Another example of committing less, but creating more impact, Frederiksen says that more bedrooms are featuring textures and handprinted wallpaper to accent a room instead of a solid color. “It provides a chance for style in a way that is easy to replace when the trends move on,” she says.

One final trend Frederiksen offers for those looking to get the most out of their bedroom has more to do with lifestyle than style.

“If you really want to enjoy your bedroom, one trend should be to limit screen time,” she says. “Turn off devices before retiring for the night. Your body will thank you for it.”

For more information on Frederiksen’s work and inspirations, visit Atmosphere 360 Studio’s website at  For more information about Pella windows visit this linkBy Eric Olson

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