Interior Design trends 2018

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Interior designers everywhere are looking to nature to inspire the looks of 2018. You will see a lot of nature, accented by modern pieces of metal. The entire home will conform to these looks

The kitchen is one of the focal points of the home. When you entertain guests, at some point your guests will end themselves in the kitchen. When that happens, they will be impressed. The concept of modern accents combined with antiqued wooden can shocking at first, but shocking in a mesmerizing way.


The colors of nature will warm any room. Start with American style kitchen cabinets. If you are going to keep the kitchen light by combining sky blue, and floral areas keep your cabinets light wood. Add minor modern touches like a vessel sink. Use paint or wallpaper for a theme that reminds you of the sea.

Use wooden furniture in this area which are close to the color of the cabinets, You need places in the kitchen with splashes of green.  Place a small herb garden near the window. consider a small cactus in a tiny space that is empty.

Add some modern metal drawer handles, overhead vent, and anywhere that makes a statement.


It is easy enough to find some light colored tan tile. But for a real eye-catcher, consider a stone floor. You can select the design and colors that suit your needs.

Other areas

Entry areas, halls, sitting areas, and dressing rooms are stunning when done in terra cotta or clay. Consider decore of latin design. Since the walls will have a rough finish, consider a beautiful rug over the floor. Consider a dish of seashells on the table.

The great room

The great room will be totally different, unexpected, and beautiful. So far your guest have seen wood colors, sand, clay, and a bit of metal. But the grand room will assume a whole new look of nature. Here you will show the beauty of the rainforest.

This room will take some work and artistic ability. However, good wallpaper companies can help. The ceiling papered in a forest theme with beautiful birds, shades of green and tan helps. The room should have painted in blues and greens, if you wish you can use one hue on top, a tan chair guard and a hue on the bottom that is a bit greener or a bit bluer. Furniture should be thick and very colorful. Plush outdoor furniture looks great in this room. The floor can be a dark brown wood or a plush green or brown. Add indoor waterfall for effects, and if you like tropical birds this is perfect for them. Indoor trees and plenty of ferns and plants will finish off this look.

Bring Nature To Your Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most versatile rooms to decorate. Fireplaces built in a wall made of stone or brick is a great start. But in those walls, cut-outs lined in the same material is cut-out to place wood. This makes a breathtaking display as you enter the room. The room should be light and airy. The window coverings are in white that flutters in the wind. But a bit of metal should be seen holding the curtains up. The floor needs a plush carpet.

The laundry area

Washers and dryers have changed a lot in the past few years. Laundry rooms must accommodate these changes. Again we go for American Style kitchen cabinets. The shade of wood you use in a laundry room depends on the size of the room. Light wood makes the room look larger and dark wood makes it look smaller.

Match your wood floor to the color you select for the cabinets. Besides standard cabinet, have a few that are open, without doors. Add some metal knobs and drying rods that match the washer and dryer. Have a wooden folding shelf that folds up against the wall. When needed, it is unlatched and it old down. Have the end shaped and add an electric plug behind the shelf to plug in the iron. A few cubby holes built behind the wall allows you to store things and keep everything neat. The wood floor, cabinet, and fold up shelf give the room a natural look. Plug in an infuser and some of your favorite essential oils for the fresh smell of lavender, tea tree oil, or peppermint.

There is much more that you can do to update your home and give it a vintage look. Rocking chairs on a circled porch, a stone walkway, maybe even a patio made into a sunroom. Which will give you extra living space and increase your property value.

Do not ignore the outside of your home. Plant shrubs and flowers around the home. If you have a large enough tree on your property, build an oversize swing. Make the curb appeal as lovely as the home. Make your home inviting. All of these ideas are reasonably priced. All of these items, make your home a one of a kind experience.

As excited as your visitors will get to visit, you will enter a home at the end of the day that is your personal paradise. You will customize your home to fit you. You will decide how much and how little enhancement a home will have. This is your little piece of the world, so make it what you wish.

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