Easy Recipe hacks when you’ve run out of an ingredient

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Recipe hacks when you’re out of an ingredient you can use these substitutes.










1 cup of chopped onion will equal 1 large uncut onion in your recipe so when shopping for your recipe make a note of this. 





2 1/2 cups cooked fresh tomatoes will equal 4 medium tomatoes or 1 lb. of tomatoes in your recipe.

2 cups canned tomatoes will equal  1 lb. can tomatoes in your recipe.





4 cups sliced apples will equal 4 medium apples in your recipe.








3 cups candied cherries will equal 1 lb. of fresh cherries for your recipe.






4 cups sliced fresh peaches will equal 2 lbs of fresh peaches or 8 medium-size fresh peaches for your recipe. 






3 tbsp lemon juice will equal 1 fresh lemon for your recipe.






2 1/2 cups fresh figs will equal 1 lb of fresh figs for your recipe.



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