getting the most out of your house when you sell it

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It seems counter-intuitive to put more money into something you are done with putting money into. That is, of course, unless you would like to leave the closing table with more of it.

Today most buyers want an open concept floorplan, a great kitchen, and a great master bedroom suite. Beyond that it gets more specific. But if you can get the first 3 things right, your chances for selling success greatly improve!

In order to grab a buyer’s attention today, you will need updated colors on your cabinets and walls, a “magazine quality” look with everything in the right place and have an updated kitchen or bath and preferably both.

No problem, right? It can seem like a daunting process to get any of those things done. That’s where the right Realtor® can step in. We are great at networking with designers, stagers , and contractors and we know what buyers are looking for today.

Often, the reason a home won’t sell is because it is dated. I am often the second Realtor® to try and sell a house. If a homeowner’s furniture is really worn and outdated, it can even affect how the buyer perceives the home.

Antique and older furniture can do the same. Staging can bring modern furniture into the most important areas and create the right environment that people want to stay in. I even help agents get their homes sold.

The best way to get your house ready to sell is to contact me. I have 13 years of real, real estate experience. I am a Certified Residential Specialist, an Accredited Buyer Representative and Certified Staging Professional. I specialize in helping my clients get the most money for their homes. I offer: •

  • Free home staging (including furniture $3000-$10,000 value) • Oversee the mini-renovation (if one is needed)
  •  Free professional photographs and drone photos
  • The pictures say it all!

About Kim Day Shacklock Shacklock is an agent with Bob Parks Realty in the Brentwood office. Seventy-five percent of her business is either referral or repeat business.

She stages every home she lists, bringing in all the accessories, having it professionally photographed, and sells most homes within a month.

She says, “I became involved in real estate when I knew every street, empty lot, and house in my area. Friends told me I should get in the business.”

During her tenure as a Realtor®, she has encouraged get rid of clutter and consult a Realtor®. “I have stopped many people from doing costly upgrades that would not have seen a return on their investment,” she says. “On the other hand, I have suggested to clients things that needed to be done to the home prior to listing that they had not considered.

“Often minor improvements like switching outdated polished brass plumbing fixtures and door hardware makes a huge impact on buyers. Also, in this market, homes need to be staged. Buyers need to be able to walk into a home and be able to imagine living in it. The seller’s personal photos need to be gone as well as their personal collections of anything.

“ ‘Less is more and clutter eats equity,’ I was taught. I also caution my clients about smelly cooking while homes are listed. Remember, ‘if you smell it, you can’t sell it.’

Technology advances have made finding a home an “at your fingertips” business, according to Shacklock. “Houses get found faster, sell faster, and it has really made it easy for people to find the perfect home. It is also why houses need to look great inside and out,” she says.

Speaking of her success as a Realtor™ and her relationships with her clients, Shacklock says, “I get in the trenches with my clients. When I work with my buyers, I try to listen to what they are looking for and not show them homes that aren’t right for them.”

For more information about Shacklock and her services, call 615/ 838-8850 or visit

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