The Most Commonly Replaced Furniture in the Average Home

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With frequent use comes the increased risk of damage and deterioration to your furniture. Learn when to replace your most commonly used pieces of furniture.

Our choices in furniture are what truly make a house a home. But despite how much we love certain pieces of our homes, the time often comes when they need to be replaced. Keep an eye out for damage on these commonly replaced furniture pieces in your home.


Your living room couch sees frequent use, which can accelerate the aging process and leave you needing a new sofa sooner than you expect. Couches that continuously squeak or sag when you sit should be replaced, as these are signs that the frame has suffered structural damage. At this point, continuing to sit on the couch can only damage it further.

Dining Room Tables

Dining room tables are also subject to quick deterioration. Your table may not seem as though it endures a lot of stress, but it sees repeated homework, dinner, and family routines. A dining table is central to any home, so

it’s easily bumped, scratched, and gouged during the daily hustle and bustle. When the damage becomes too extensive, many people find purchasing a replacement easier than trying to repair the damage.


Our beds are crucial tools in helping us get the rest we need to function. Mattress warranties can last for over a decade, but you should probably replace your mattress more frequently. Be on the lookout for the signs that you need a new mattress, one of which includes a lack of quality rest. Shopping for a new mattress can be an arduous process, but adjusting to a new one is better than depriving yourself of proper rest.

Office Chairs

Many people spend the majority of their workdays at their desks, so desk chairs can suffer a lot of wear and tear in a short period of time. Depending on what it’s made of, your desk chair could last as long as a decade—or just five to seven years. If you’re questioning the integrity of the chair or noticing signs such as frayed upholstery or reduced lumbar support, it might be time to consider purchasing a new one.

Patio Furniture

Because these pieces of furniture are most often located outdoors, they’re continuously exposed to the elements. The harsh sunlight and rain quickly deteriorate the materials, resulting in a more frequent need for replacement. This damage is unavoidable, but you can help extend the life of your patio furniture by covering it when it’s not in use and bringing the cushions indoors during inclement weather.

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