dining tables


Although designers agree there is still a demand for a formal dining space in many homes today, they also agree that what constitutes that formal space has changed in the past few years.

Eco Friendly Paint


   Going Green is a movement that has affected all facets of our lives, according to Ruthanne Hanlon, design manager for PPG Porter Paints.        Environmentally-friendly paint is all the rage. Green is good for obvious reasons. Non-gassing paint protects the planet’s deteriorating ozone layer and makes homes healthier, especially for children and anyone with allergies.      Today’s eco-paints do tend to cost a bit more than traditional paints, and some designers say eco paint coverage may be slightly less consistent in coverage and durability than its conventional counterparts, although the gap is fast closing.      “‘Green’ paint has been …

exploring green interiors – new lead rules

exploring green interiors – new lead rules Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Program I wanted to share some important information for homeowners who may be considering home renovations. Have you heard about the Environmental Protection Agency’s new “lead paint law” that went into effect on April 22nd? This law affects houses built prior to 1978—many of our homes! If you are considering home renovations, you may want to find out more. Here are the basics from the EPA’s website:

Flood Victims can use new Dumpster In a Bag®

Waste Management Responds to Nashvile Flooding With Baster® Dumpster in a Bag® for rapid disposal of storm debris The Bagster® Bag Provides an On-Demand Debris Removal Option for Those Affected by Natural Disaster In the aftermath of severe flooding across Nashville, an increasing number of property owners are turning to the Bagster® Dumpster in a Bag® to remove and dispose of floodwater debric quickly and safely. An innovation in waste removal,this product is ideal in a siutaiton in which there is a need to discard more than can fit in a typical bin or garbage receptical, but not enough to …


It’s time for a new mattress, the association says, if you wake up stiff and sore, and, in general, every five to seven years. Mattress trends include luxurious pillow tops which offer additional cushioning and extra deep mattresses ranging from 14 to 16 inches and more, but that’s only the beginning of the luxurious options available. Hypnos, headquartered in England but with an office in Franklin, has been producing handmade beds for four generations and its mattresses retail for as much as $20,000. Other notable mattresses range from one infused with a lavender scent to those boasting a natural rubber core. …

exploring green interiors – future home design, per one interior designer

exploring green interiors – future home design, per one interior designer by Beth Haley I was listening to a speaker a couple of weeks ago, Kim Rodrigue, as she spoke on change and our reaction to change. I found several notes inspiring. She reminded us that in the second half of the 20th century, science fiction writer Isaac Asimov wrote, “It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is, the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will …

Bedroom Furnishings

Retreat. That’s the word used almost universally by area designers to describe what their clients want for a master bedroom. “Many people are taking an individualistic approach to what it is they want and desire,” says Angela DeYoung of Designs by DeYoung LLC.  ”The common thread, however, is functionality and a feeling of retreat.” “More and more, the master suite is regarded as a personal retreat,” says Tanna Miller of Trends & Traditions. “Fabulous closets take care of storage while furniture provides comfort and luxury. Sitting areas, wet bars, and large screen televisions are expected in a well-appointed suite.” Miller …

Exterior Stone Trends

“The past decade has brought in increased interest in mixing exterior materials on a home’s elevation to give it an individual look and often to reflect a style from the past,” says Vicki Donovan of Hearthstone Interior Design. “Stone/faux stone mixes well with a lot of different building materials,” she says. “Depending on its execution, it can have a traditional, contemporary, cottage, English Tudor, French chateau, or a Tuscan/Old World charm.” Eldorado Stone reports that historically the most popular application for architectural stone veneer is on home facades to add curb appeal. However, the company notes a growing interest in …

redesigning an old church

ask a designer – ByTanna Miller redesigning an old church Q. Our Catholic church recently bought a building which was built in the seventies by a Baptist congregation. We would like to redecorate the interior to reflect our church’s heritage. We don’t like the bleak white walls or the red brick most of all. What can we do to cover the brick by the altar.