Exploring Green Interiors – Yes, Virginia There IS Eco-Friendly Plumbing

Exploring Green Interiors – Yes, Virginia There IS Eco-Friendly Plumbing by Karrie Seaton of Beth Haley Design When the idea to remodel and “go green” strikes a homeowner, the possibilities seem endless and exciting. But the stress of bud-gets, tight schedules, and the impending doom of being without a kitchen or bathroom for several weeks, create definite potential for homeowner meltdown. If I have learned anything in my time as an interior designer, it is to take a project step-by-step. This is especially true when it comes to plumbing. There are several eco-friendly plumbing options available that can decrease water …

colors that work with natural stains

ask a designer – By Tanna Miller colors that work with natural stains Q. I am in the process of relocating to Lexington, Kentucky, and have purchased a home with natural stained woodwork and oak floors in theliving areas.  My taste generally runs to contemporary and I do not have a clue what color will complement this wood.

Sofa Trends

  Modern sofas have two things in mind—style and comfort. Gone are yesterday’s rock-hard options or the ones so plush you had to struggle to stand up. Today’s sofas are new and evolved—a sofa that seeks the best in terms of upholstery material, color, and design. While conventional wisdom suggests the color range for sofas is essentially neutral, some designers and homeowners step out of the norm to add a major splash of color with what is most often the largest piece of furniture in the room. Key to color selection is the cost of the upholstered sofa. Quality is key for this investment piece, designers …

furnishing a ‘grand’ bedroom


furnishing a ‘grand’ bedroom Q. The question I have is about chairs for my bedroom. We have a large room with 10 ft ceilings. We have a king sized, very high four poster bed in the room. It is a new bed and with a thick mattress it is 37-in. high at the top of the mattress.

Closet Design Trends


Custom Closet Design Trends Demand for custom closet design has grown exponentially, it seems, in the past decade. Builders of custom homes today include areas once large enough for kitchens or family rooms designated for master closets and include shelves, racks, islands, and more to increase their functionality. According to Steve Case of Advantage Closets, “In 1983, most of our custom closet customers had one family income and viewed the custom closet as a luxury item. Today most of our customers have two incomes and have a need for organization in their lives because of the demands of two jobs …