redesigning an old church

ask a designer – ByTanna Miller redesigning an old church Q. Our Catholic church recently bought a building which was built in the seventies by a Baptist congregation. We would like to redecorate the interior to reflect our church’s heritage. We don’t like the bleak white walls or the red brick most of all. What can we do to cover the brick by the altar.

colors that work with natural stains

ask a designer – By Tanna Miller colors that work with natural stains Q. I am in the process of relocating to Lexington, Kentucky, and have purchased a home with natural stained woodwork and oak floors in theliving areas.  My taste generally runs to contemporary and I do not have a clue what color will complement this wood.

furnishing a ‘grand’ bedroom


furnishing a ‘grand’ bedroom Q. The question I have is about chairs for my bedroom. We have a large room with 10 ft ceilings. We have a king sized, very high four poster bed in the room. It is a new bed and with a thick mattress it is 37-in. high at the top of the mattress.