exploring green interiors – certifying sustainable homes

exploring green interiors – certifying sustainable homes – By Beth Haley Through this series of articles and products, it is my hope that you are beginning to feel a little more knowledgeable about sustainable and green building products, practices, processes, and goals. Our aim is to break down barriers of confusion on the subject.  

Home Builders

  Don Lofstrom — Franklin Company Name: Cedarwright Custom Homes Describe your enthusiasm for building: I’ve been building Lindal Cedar Homes for 10 years with homes now in three states—Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama. Building background:  I started in construction building geodisic domes and custom adobe homes while in graduate school in Las Cruces, New Mexico, back in the 1970s. What was your favorite aspect of this project? My favorite part of this project was bringing the outside in with walls of glass, large acccordian doors opening up to large decks. What makes a home more “livable”? A liveable home has …

Exploring Green Interiors – On Demand Hot Water

Exploring Green Interiors – On Demand Hot Water It seems like everything is “on demand” these days, why not hot water for our homes, especially if it saves energy and money? Does the thought of saving an average of 20 to 40 percent on your water heating bill appeal to you? What about the storage space that you can recapture when the tank is gone? Regarding the dollar savings, Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters reports that since July 1, 2006 until today, United States consumers have wasted $12,873,198,476 by heating hot water with tanks.