Plant Spring Bulbs Now


Tuck Bulbs in the Ground this Fall for Blooms Next Spring Fall is the time to plant tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, and other bulbs that bloom in spring. “People figure plants this cool must be tricky,” says Sally Ferguson, director of the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center (NFBIC) in Danby, Vt. “But, really they’re super easy to grow! And just one afternoon planting this fall can yield weeks of color next spring!” For information about selecting suitable bulbs, planting tips, and how to maximize the colorful view keeping reading.

Green Paint Trends


Green Paint Trends Going Green is a movement that has affected all facets of our lives, according to Ruthanne Hanlon, design manager for PPG Porter Paints.  

Eco Friendly Paint


   Going Green is a movement that has affected all facets of our lives, according to Ruthanne Hanlon, design manager for PPG Porter Paints.        Environmentally-friendly paint is all the rage. Green is good for obvious reasons. Non-gassing paint protects the planet’s deteriorating ozone layer and makes homes healthier, especially for children and anyone with allergies.      Today’s eco-paints do tend to cost a bit more than traditional paints, and some designers say eco paint coverage may be slightly less consistent in coverage and durability than its conventional counterparts, although the gap is fast closing.      “‘Green’ paint has been …

Powder Room Trends


Powder Room Trends        Powder rooms are receiving more emphasis than in the past, according to industry professionals. While some powder rooms are actually larger in size or only appear to be so due to the thoughtful selection of surfaces and decor, the experts agree little is left to chance in today’s spaces.      Powder rooms today are becoming small Zen-like spaces, according to Melinda DuPree-Kewley of Celebrity Status Designs. “They are clean and clutter free. People are spending more and gaining so much in return. Powder rooms are a true reflection of the homeowner. Why not give a …

High-end Appliances


High-end Appliances While style drives interest in the high-end appliance segment, innovation is also a factor, according to Cynthia Crego of Siano Appliances. “The latest trend is eco-friendly appliances that offer intuitive user applications,” she says. “Buyers want green features with measurable benefits. They are looking for a return on investment in the form of energy or water savings. Steam cleaning and auto convection conversion are functions that are eco-friendly and save consumers time.” According to Carla Taylor of Hermitage Lighting Gallery, there are two main factors in high-end appliances. “First is the ‘look’— whether the homeowner wants the pro …

July/August 2010


About The Cover:Powder rooms often are decorated with more elegance, sophistication, or glamour, since they are small spaces and can make a quick impact  on guests. Here, a wallcovering from Brewster’s Simple Space collection makes the walls pop in this powder room. An earthtone vessel sink atop a distressed ebony vanity is accented by a shimmering gold-tone mirror.

custom comfort


When a couple sets out to create the home of their dreams, everything has to be perfect. So when a home situated on the banks of the Harpeth River south of Franklin grew from the ground up, its owners wanted it to fit the land on which it sits and be expressive of their love of the country setting. Evocative of farmhouses that grew organically to hold generation after generation of a family, this home is less than a year old. But its flagstone porches, beamed living room, and spaciousness speak of generations at work. The approximately 12,000 square foot …

exploring green interiors – new lead rules

exploring green interiors – new lead rules Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Program I wanted to share some important information for homeowners who may be considering home renovations. Have you heard about the Environmental Protection Agency’s new “lead paint law” that went into effect on April 22nd? This law affects houses built prior to 1978—many of our homes! If you are considering home renovations, you may want to find out more. Here are the basics from the EPA’s website: