Exterior Stone Trends

“The past decade has brought in increased interest in mixing exterior materials on a home’s elevation to give it an individual look and often to reflect a style from the past,” says Vicki Donovan of Hearthstone Interior Design. “Stone/faux stone mixes well with a lot of different building materials,” she says. “Depending on its execution, it can have a traditional, contemporary, cottage, English Tudor, French chateau, or a Tuscan/Old World charm.” Eldorado Stone reports that historically the most popular application for architectural stone veneer is on home facades to add curb appeal. However, the company notes a growing interest in …

Home Builders

  Don Lofstrom — Franklin Company Name: Cedarwright Custom Homes Describe your enthusiasm for building: I’ve been building Lindal Cedar Homes for 10 years with homes now in three states—Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama. Building background:  I started in construction building geodisic domes and custom adobe homes while in graduate school in Las Cruces, New Mexico, back in the 1970s. What was your favorite aspect of this project? My favorite part of this project was bringing the outside in with walls of glass, large acccordian doors opening up to large decks. What makes a home more “livable”? A liveable home has …

Kitchen and Bath Designer Profiles

Anna Aycock — Brentwood Company Name: Designs by Anna Aycock/Tuscan Homes, Dino Elefante Describe your enthusiasm for kitchen/bath design:  I love kitchen and bath design, particularly remodels. I have been a designer for over a decade, but my personal experience remodeling my own kitchen three years ago ignited my passion for kitchen and bath design. What is your kitchen/bath design background: My kitchen/bath design background comes out of several years of experience in walking thru the design process, both new construction and remodels with my clients. I am also ASID Allied. Dino Elefante builds and remodels custom homes because he wants to …

Shopping Downtown Franklin

Shopping Downtown Franklin Franklin has long been a destination for shoppers of all kinds, and the downtown area includes antiques, furnishings, kitchen accessories, and more beautiful accessories than you can imagine.  Surrounding the town square, a 15-block mix of shops, businesses, and restaurants is listed on the National Historic Register. Downtown proper begins at the square and continues along Main Street for a couple of blocks.

Shopping Clarksville

Shopping Clarksville        Christened the Queen City for its early importance in the river trade, Clarksville today is the state’s fifth largest city and home to a variety of furnishings and home decor stores.  

redesigning an old church

ask a designer – ByTanna Miller redesigning an old church Q. Our Catholic church recently bought a building which was built in the seventies by a Baptist congregation. We would like to redecorate the interior to reflect our church’s heritage. We don’t like the bleak white walls or the red brick most of all. What can we do to cover the brick by the altar.

garden compositions – gardening is a way of showing you believe in tomorrow

garden compositions – gardening is a way of showing you believe in tomorrow… By Barbara Wise In all my 15+ years of living in the Nashville area, this has been the loveliest spring yet. Tulips lasting for weeks, Japanese magnolias so loaded with blooms that they resembled pinkish-purple behemoths guarding our yards, azalea bushes ablaze with blossoms, and the dogwood trees were laden with white petals that eventually fell thicker than any of this year’s snow.

Exploring Green Interiors – Yes, Virginia There IS Eco-Friendly Plumbing

Exploring Green Interiors – Yes, Virginia There IS Eco-Friendly Plumbing by Karrie Seaton of Beth Haley Design When the idea to remodel and “go green” strikes a homeowner, the possibilities seem endless and exciting. But the stress of bud-gets, tight schedules, and the impending doom of being without a kitchen or bathroom for several weeks, create definite potential for homeowner meltdown. If I have learned anything in my time as an interior designer, it is to take a project step-by-step. This is especially true when it comes to plumbing. There are several eco-friendly plumbing options available that can decrease water …

Shopping Goodlettsville

Shopping Goodlettsville        Nestled just off I-65 North, Goodlettsville abutts Hendersonville and Madison, and includes a variety of great home decor shops ranging from antiques and western-themed furnishings to fine furniture, accessories, and more.   

Landscaper and Waterscaper Profiles

Mike Berkley — Franklin Company Name: Growild, Inc. Describe your enthusiasm for landscaping/ waterscaping: For 23 years I have focused on North American native plants in commercial and residential landscapes. My passion lead me to start an all native plant nursery, landscape design, and building firm 13 years ago. What is your landscaping/waterscaping background: Since childhood I have walked the woods admiring the flora and fauna. This love for land restoration naturally lead me to incorporate sustainable practices in my landscapes. Your favorite part of the project: Green roofs allow the garden to come to unexpected places. Instead of a backyard you have …