January/February 2010


About The Cover:        The CandleWall™ pictured on the cover is one way to enhance bathroom lighting. It is achieved using selected stone veneers from Eldorado Stone and can be created in virtually any room, offering the warmth of stone with the glow and dancing shadows of candles set in niches within the structure. For more information and dealers visit http://www.eldoradostone.com. 

November/December 2009


About The Cover:        Whether you’re known for your traditional red and green holiday decor or are in the mood to try something a little different, you’ll find the ornaments, faux florals, and everything else to deck your halls at Trees n Trends.

September/October 2009


About The Cover:        The Karastan Exotics collection of animal prints captures nature’s true spirit of the wild. The interpretation of the graceful animals that inspire these patterns demonstrates a breathtaking union of beauty and performance. Image courtesy of Myers Flooring of Nashville.

July/August 2009


About The Cover:        Duralee Fine Furniture’s fashion-forward color palette serves as an inspiration for today’s on-trend styles. Wall upholstery and pillows are from Highland Court, while the remaining items are from Duralee and Duralee Fine Furniture. For more information visit http://www.duralee.com, http://www.highland courtfabrics.com, and http://www.duraleefinefurniture.com.

May/June 2009


About The Cover:        Gunter Woodworking LLC has been building complete custom cabinets in the Greater Nashville area for nearly 30 years. State-of-the-art cabinet design software allows customers a digital blueprint of their kitchen before the first piece of wood is cut. Lanny Gunter is head of the family-owned business which builds and installs all the cabinetry. Call 615/ 893-5722 or visit http://www.gunterwoodworking.com.

March/April 2009


About The Cover:        Cover courtesy of Meadowcraft   Popular in Middle Tennessee is the Geneva bar group from Meadowcraft’s Visions collection. According to area experts on outdoor living, homeowners are expanding their living space to include their favorite things—cooking, dining, and conversation. They are, the experts say, putting their money in their existing homes to increase their enjoyment of the downtime.

furnishing a ‘grand’ bedroom


furnishing a ‘grand’ bedroom Q. The question I have is about chairs for my bedroom. We have a large room with 10 ft ceilings. We have a king sized, very high four poster bed in the room. It is a new bed and with a thick mattress it is 37-in. high at the top of the mattress.

garden compositions-fun things to do on a winter’s day

garden compositions — fun things to do on a winter’s day By Barbara Wise Mention a list of fun things to do in front of my sons and you might get groans of dismay. Saturday mornings and summer breaks find them greeted most mornings with a yummy breakfast and their own personalized list of fun things to do for the day. This detailed list includes activities such as, “Pick up dirty clothes, dust your room, complete your laundry, mow the grass, etc.”—so now you understand the aforementioned groans.

Exploring Green Interiors – On Demand Hot Water

Exploring Green Interiors – On Demand Hot Water It seems like everything is “on demand” these days, why not hot water for our homes, especially if it saves energy and money? Does the thought of saving an average of 20 to 40 percent on your water heating bill appeal to you? What about the storage space that you can recapture when the tank is gone? Regarding the dollar savings, Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters reports that since July 1, 2006 until today, United States consumers have wasted $12,873,198,476 by heating hot water with tanks.

Closet Design Trends


Custom Closet Design Trends Demand for custom closet design has grown exponentially, it seems, in the past decade. Builders of custom homes today include areas once large enough for kitchens or family rooms designated for master closets and include shelves, racks, islands, and more to increase their functionality. According to Steve Case of Advantage Closets, “In 1983, most of our custom closet customers had one family income and viewed the custom closet as a luxury item. Today most of our customers have two incomes and have a need for organization in their lives because of the demands of two jobs …