garden compositions—the 10 commandments of container gardening

h&h&g gardening garden compositions— the 10 commandments of container gardening Ok, boys and girls, it’s time to gather ‘round for a lesson from the Gospel of Gardening. Put on your best overalls and finest gardening gloves, pull up your wheelbarrow to the potting shed, and sit back on your weeding stool as I present today’s sermon on the Ten Commandments of Container Gardening. These “commandments” are guidelines to help you be successful in your container gardening endeavors.

they can’t match my paint color!


ask a designer they can’t match my paint color!Q.  I had a color plan all picked out for my house, and I was really excited, but now it is falling apart. One color I want is half way between two shades on the chart, but the paint store says they can’t mix it. I’ve seen a million commercials on TV saying they can color-match anything.  

May/June 2010


About The Cover:      ReVelle is a countertop created from a mix containing varieties of stone, steel, sands, water, and proprietary bonding materials. Constructed by craftsmen in limited production, the distinctive counters are made by hand, not cut from slabs, and have a surface that is non-porous, virtually stain proof, and heat resistant up to 400 degrees.  The low-sheen finish offers a unique, beautiful alternative to granite or quartz. For information visit or call Mark Casserly at 615/ 794-8045.

Beware pf Fly-by-Night Home Repair Businesses

Beware of Fly-by-Night Home Repair Businesses Offering Help with Storm Cleanup Also, Nashville Codes Department Offers Help, Advice As Tennesseans cope with repairs and cleanup work following the recent flooding, Secretary of State Tre Hargett warns them to be wary of unlicensed and unregistered businesses offering to provide help. Also, there’s information from the Nashville codes department intended to help those rebuilding. Other advice for deadling with flood damage can be found at

Flood Victims can use new Dumpster In a Bag®

Waste Management Responds to Nashvile Flooding With Baster® Dumpster in a Bag® for rapid disposal of storm debris The Bagster® Bag Provides an On-Demand Debris Removal Option for Those Affected by Natural Disaster In the aftermath of severe flooding across Nashville, an increasing number of property owners are turning to the Bagster® Dumpster in a Bag® to remove and dispose of floodwater debric quickly and safely. An innovation in waste removal,this product is ideal in a siutaiton in which there is a need to discard more than can fit in a typical bin or garbage receptical, but not enough to …

bedding & upholstery for a family

ask a designer – bedding & upholstery for a family Q. Can you help with planning new bedding and upholstery? I would like fine quality, but I have a big dog, son, and husband who live with me on a farm.  

garden compositions—a garden murder mystery


h&h&g gardening – garden compositions—a garden murder mystery It was a dark and cloudy winter, and the innocent stood blithely in their gardens, along roadways, in parks, and in front of homes reaching upward in anticipation of summer when their glorious presentation to society would be revealed. Even in their winter appeal with colors of cinnamon, gray, or green, their beautifully lithe arms spoke of grace and beauty. Suddenly, they were cut down.  

Exploring Green Interiors – Energy Challenge

exploring green interiors – Energy Challenge I live in an historic district, Davidson County’s District 18, to be exact. We have been given a challenge, “Go Green, District 18,” to reduce our energy consumption by 5 percent by the end of 2010, therefore decreasing our carbon emissions and thus our carbon footprint. This challenge asks us to sign up for the NES In-Home Energy Evaluation. I was really excited to hear about the challenge and signed up with the initial run. NES mailed me an evaluation to fill out which asked me to identify the details of my inner home …

versatile chocolate fabric trends

ask a designer – by Tanna Miller – versatile chocolate fabric trends Q. I am intrigued with new chocolate and pink and other combinations with chocolate, but I don’t want to paint my house brown.  I know paint is a less expensive way to decorate, but we own two vacation homes and travel back and forth to take care of all our properties.  For me, having workmen in the house is more trouble than moving furniture pieces to a different room. How can I tie in fabrics with chocolate and other trends in ways that won’t lock me in later?—M.W. …

garden compositions—a guiding gardening principal

h&h&g gardening – by Barbara Wise – garden compositions—a guiding gardening principal Before you pick up the phone and report what appears to be a glaring spelling error, read on… Walk toward the elementary school entrance at Christ Presbyterian Academy any time of the year and you’ll be greeted with an array of botanical pleasures.