house & home & garden™ celebrates 10 years

house & home & garden™ celebrates 10 years        Greater Nashville House & Home & Garden™ magazine celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2010. Since our first issue we’ve been committed to bringing the latest in home remodeling and design trends to readers across middle Tennessee.      Our shopping trips found in each issue are designed to help you discover sources with which you may be unfamiliar. Our theory has always been that those interested in home decor are willingly drive to locate interesting new sources for things to beautify their homes and serve as inspiration.      From Clarksville to Fayetteville, from Dickson …

adapting design and saving money

ask a designer – by Tanna Miller – adapting design and saving money Q. I have two arched windows on either side of my fireplace. I want a pretty window treatment that helps block the light and looks formal.  I’ve seen a drawing you have done for a pie shaped window that is very elaborate. It looks expensive. Can I do something similar that goes across my glass to block light but doesn’t cost too much? My fireplace trim also cuts into the trim on the windows on both sides, so you can’t put a long drape there. There is …

garden compositions—the fellowship of plant nerds

h&h&g gardening – by Barbara Wise – garden compositions—the fellowship of plant nerds At our monthly meeting of the Fellowship of Plant Nerds, the hot topic this time of year is “what new plants have you found to plant this fall?” I really don’t have a Fellowship of Plant Nerds—we’re just a group of moms who love to get together once a month to catch up with each other and just happen to share a love of gardening. Since I seem to be the only person at these gatherings who openly confesses to be a plant nerd (the others prefer …

exploring green interiors – composting—your garden will thank you!

exploring green interiors – composting—your garden will thank you!  –  By Beth Haley I remember shopping for my first home 20 years ago. On my priority list was a dishwasher, food disposal, yard for the dog, and different paint colors for each room—all the things you typically do not have as a renter! While I still have the same home (I remodeled it into my dream home), the dishwasher has been upgraded to a quiet Energy Star model, the dog has since passed away, different paint colors were replaced by a soothing creamy color throughout the house, the garbage cans …


It’s time for a new mattress, the association says, if you wake up stiff and sore, and, in general, every five to seven years. Mattress trends include luxurious pillow tops which offer additional cushioning and extra deep mattresses ranging from 14 to 16 inches and more, but that’s only the beginning of the luxurious options available. Hypnos, headquartered in England but with an office in Franklin, has been producing handmade beds for four generations and its mattresses retail for as much as $20,000. Other notable mattresses range from one infused with a lavender scent to those boasting a natural rubber core. …

Remodeling the Pre-1978 Home

New Rules for Remodeling the Pre-1978 Home Homeowners and remodelers need to be aware of the fast-approaching April 22, 2010 deadline for full implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting rule governoring the work of professional remodelers in homes where there is lead-based paint. Since the use of lead-based paint was outlawed in 1978, it is generally assumed that this rule applies to any residence built prior to 1978. The original law was passed on Earth Day (April 22) in 2008.

March/April 2010


About the Cover:        The porch pictured on the cover was designed and constructed by The Porch Company. It features high, vaulted ceilings for airy alfresco dining and entertainment as well as bahama shutters to add intimacy and privacy.  The Porch Company custom designs and builds porches and other outdoor structures.      For more information visit  Copyright J. Paul Moore. All rights reserved.

garden compositions – the secret life of plants

garden compositions—the secret life of plants By Barbara Wise While I’m away spending some much needed time in my own garden, I’ve asked renowned (and somewhat quirky) horticulturalist “Prissy Pots” to fill in for me in giving advice for the late summer garden.  Keep yourself and those plants hydrated!