HHG Gardening May/June


Garden Compositions –June Is Busting Out All OverLast month my youngest son, Buck, was in his high school musical ‘Carousel’—I saw every performance and as a result, every time I walk into the greenhouse and look at all those blooming plants I hear in my head, “June is bustin’ out all oh‐a‐ver!” And if no one is listenin’, I might break forth into song.

Gardening Composiions – Plants That Grow Hope

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garden compositions— plants that grow hope This June will mark the seventh year that Southern Land Company has built the home to be raffled off as a benefit for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I love having a small part in this project.

garden compositions—the seedy side

h&h&g gardening – garden compositions—the seedy side It’s interesting to me to observe human nature, how people so often are drawn to knowing the “dirt” on any given person or situation.  We also seem drawn to know what is going on beneath the surface and what are the root issues that produce certain behaviors or results; in a sense, there is a lot of psychological gardening going on. The link between psychology and gardening is a strong one, so what better way to deal with the winter blues than to get the dirt on your favorite new plants by starting …

garden compositions—the 10 commandments of container gardening

h&h&g gardening garden compositions— the 10 commandments of container gardening Ok, boys and girls, it’s time to gather ‘round for a lesson from the Gospel of Gardening. Put on your best overalls and finest gardening gloves, pull up your wheelbarrow to the potting shed, and sit back on your weeding stool as I present today’s sermon on the Ten Commandments of Container Gardening. These “commandments” are guidelines to help you be successful in your container gardening endeavors.

garden compositions—a garden murder mystery


h&h&g gardening – garden compositions—a garden murder mystery It was a dark and cloudy winter, and the innocent stood blithely in their gardens, along roadways, in parks, and in front of homes reaching upward in anticipation of summer when their glorious presentation to society would be revealed. Even in their winter appeal with colors of cinnamon, gray, or green, their beautifully lithe arms spoke of grace and beauty. Suddenly, they were cut down.  

garden compositions—a guiding gardening principal

h&h&g gardening – by Barbara Wise – garden compositions—a guiding gardening principal Before you pick up the phone and report what appears to be a glaring spelling error, read on… Walk toward the elementary school entrance at Christ Presbyterian Academy any time of the year and you’ll be greeted with an array of botanical pleasures.