decorative ironwork


Metalworking is “one of the world’s oldest trades, dating back to the bronze age. To say ornamental ironwork is a timeless treasure is an understatement,” says Aaron Walker of David Patton Construction. Metal railings were used in domestic buildings since the early 17th century. Due to the expansion of residential developments, and the continuing improvement in the techniques of iron production and treatment which contributed to the speed of manufacturing and the reduction of costs, ornamental ironwork has continued to grow in popularity ever since. The ironwork products made possible by the remarkable wealth of skills and craftsmanship found among …

solid wood furniture

gunter desk

by Sarai Johnson Solid wood furniture is beautiful, versatile, and can claim a place of prominence in practically any home, no matter what the decorating style. A solid wood chest, armoire, or dining room table carefully chosen in a style you love will last forever,” says Gail Adkins of Change Magic Interior Redesign. “Solid wood furniture has always been popular. Now, it’s cherished for its durability and in the case of a chest or armoire, its versatility.” People are choosing solid wood over manufactured wood, because “with solid wood, you see a continuous grain pattern all the way through,” says …

eco-friendly living

eco living beth haley

eco-friendly living by Sarai Johnson Eco-friendly living can cover a lot of ground, but generally it’s accepted that it refers to the use of low-impact materials, energy efficiency, quality and durability, reuse and recycling, sustainability, and renewability. In keeping with that definition, Carol Bass of The Practical Decorator says her favorite buzz word is “redesign.” “I understand why redesign is the fastest growing segment of the decorating industry. Interior redesign reuses what the homeowner already owns to create a space that is warm, inviting, and functional with a designer look without the designer price tag,” she says. Reusing and repurposing …

Green Paint Trends


Green Paint Trends Going Green is a movement that has affected all facets of our lives, according to Ruthanne Hanlon, design manager for PPG Porter Paints.