Children’s Room Designs

Creating a quality space that will stand the test of children at play and be timeless so children can grow in the space is the goal, according to Sara Ray of Sara Ray Interior Design. “This can be achieved by using a variety of textures, mixing sophisticated hues with vibrant patterns and colors,” says Ray. “It’s important to consider the child’s personality and style. They should feel comfortable and happy in their space.” Candace Sone of Sone Design, Inc., says, “We are designing nurseries and children’s rooms to be more transitional as they grow. Invest in adaptable furniture and classic …

January/February 2016

About the Cover  Parents today often use neutral backgrounds for children’s rooms, settling for splashes of color in bedding, rugs, wall art, and so forth. The natural shades of gray found in the floor and walls are accented by classic patterns starring bright fuchsia and chartreuse combined with black, white, and grey. Designer showhouses are a great place to get ideas. For the article in this issue about children’s room design trends click here. The room show features the Pippen bedding collection from Glenna Jean.

January/February Cover 2015

Children’s rooms offer parents a way to express their children’s personalities and weave a little charm into their children’s surroundings, whether it’s a nursery, toddler’s room, or designed for a teenager. Designer showhouses are a great place to get ideas. This room display’s the Carson bedding collection from Glenna Jean.

Children’s Rooms

From the day a baby is brought home from the hospital to the day a child leaves for college, a child’s room is an incredibly special space. The child’s room is where both the child and the parents make many of their memories. It is the center of the newborn’s life and may serve as a “time out” center for a disruptive five-year-old. And it no doubt serves as a place for a teenager to decompress and learn to know them. It should be a safe haven. A good floor plan is helpful when designing a room for a newborn, …