January/February 2018

This kitchen featuring Cambria’s Ella includes an open pantry in a separate space behind the stove and hood. It features open shelves, glass-fronted cabinets, and small appliances to make the homeowner’s life convenient while keeping many kitchen items and food prep out of sight

Kitchen Design Trends

Beauty and function is not an oxymoron. The fact is, great kitchens combine both in a splendor that was once deemed impossible, according to Dan Zimmerle of Cabinet Makeovers. Kitchens are the heart and the soul of the home, Zimmerle says. The kitchen “is where we spend quality time giving our friends and families the best we have,” he says. “From preparing a simple sandwich to cooking a gourmet meal, a properly designed kitchen can change your life.  When kitchens become part of the flow of the home, friends and family can all be a part of the experience. How you …