Green Interiors: Flower Power

Flower Power Across the world and since ancient times, flowers have held special meaning. The ancient Greeks relied on flowers heavily in mythology as symbols in storytelling. In Victorian times, it was height of society to name your daughter after a flower to imbue purity, beauty, or grace. Modern society has taken the color of flowers, rather the type of flower, to represent different feelings: red means I love you, pink means I like you, yellow means let’s be friends. Yet, digging into the meaning of flowers, we’ve found the meaning of the flower varies greatly between colors and that …

Green Interiors: add a little green to your life

Winter’s Best Décor Ideas – add a little green to your life Plants do more than provide an organic lush quality to the indoors, they help filter and purify air. Whether you have a tried-and-true green thumb, a black thumb, or want to try tending houseplants for the first time, we’ve got you covered. Split Leaf Philodendron / Monstera Plant If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans, you will recognize the oversize, eye catching tropical leaves anywhere. These might be the most fun, charismatic houseplant you can have and are low maintenance to boot. Water them …

Shopping Cool Springs 2016

Shopping Cool Springs Cool Springs, nestled between Franklin and Brentwood, offers some of the area’s best interior decorating shops. You’ll find everything from antiques and furniture to lighting, cabinetry, and flooring.

Vote for Readers’ Favorites

Voting is closed for the 2015 Readers’ Favorites We’ll be announcing the 2015 Reader’s Favorites Winners in our next issue of Nashville House & Home & Garden™ magazine. We are currently notifiying the winners. Thanks for all of your votes this year. Look forward to sharing the results with you. You can pick up a current copy of Nashville House & Home & Garden Magazine at a Publix Store or your favorite Home & Garden Stores throughout the Greater Nashville Area.   

Children’s Rooms

From the day a baby is brought home from the hospital to the day a child leaves for college, a child’s room is an incredibly special space. The child’s room is where both the child and the parents make many of their memories. It is the center of the newborn’s life and may serve as a “time out” center for a disruptive five-year-old. And it no doubt serves as a place for a teenager to decompress and learn to know them. It should be a safe haven. A good floor plan is helpful when designing a room for a newborn, …

A Teenage Girl’s Room

A Teenage Girl’s Room Q. I would like help thinking long-term for my 13 year old daughter’s room so that I don’t have to decorate her room twice. We are about to move into a home that we plan to stay in for at least 11 years which will be when our youngest completes college.

Shopping in Green Hills

green hills-margi's blue

Shopping in Green Hills 2012 Green Hills is something of a mecca for those seeking home design. From modern furnishings at Mitchell + Gold to the finest antiques at Marymount Plantation, this area offers the most varied possibilities. Start this shopping trip at the south end of Hillsboro Pike at the Green Hills Antique Mall, where you’ll find tables, armoires, and some fun nostalgia pieces. Less than a block north, Harpeth Gallery specializes fine smaller-scale antiques and gift items, including lighting, pillows, art, decorative items, and more. Almost next door, Bradford’s Interiors offer furnishings, oriental rugs, antiques, and interior design …

Readers Favorites Awards 2011

Readers Favorites Awards Readers of Greater Nashville House & Home & Garden™ have once again cast their votes for their favorites—their favorite designers, builders, landscapers, “little known” stores, and more. If you’re looking for a service provider and aren’t sure who to choose, try one of these—they’ve received the stamp of approval from readers of the only home resource guide serving the Middle Tennessee area. Air Conditioning/Heating Service Company1st place-Lee Company 2nd place-Copeland & Son 3rd place-Precision Air Antiques1st place-Bagbey House 2nd place-Gas Lamp Antiques 3rd place-Franklin Antique Mall/Ice House Area Rug Store1st place-Brentwood Interiors 2nd place-Sprintz 3rd place-Bradford’s Favorite …