Bathroom Design Trends

Gray holds as much influence in the bath as it does in the kitchen, although experts say there is also a lot of interest in all-white, white and black, and even some khaki-hued spaces. That said, homeowners tend to favor patterned tiles on the floor, white, dark, or light gray cabinetry, and lots of light, mirrors, and glass“We are using a lot of marble, says Ann Calvert of Sara Ray Interior Design. “We specify Carrara and Calacatta, often paired with white or gray cabinets. Generally, we keep the industrial trend to a minimum, but we take cues from that aesthetic. …

Natural Stone Countertops 2012

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Natural Stone Countertops Today’s homeowners are more inclined to refurbish their homes for their own enjoyment than for resale. And, where once natural stone countertops were quite expensive, today they are priced much more affordably and the demand for natural stone has continued unabated. Competition has driven the price of granite down considerably and its popularity as well as competition has led to the availability of a larger selection of colors, finishes, and edges. Natural stone is the most durable building material ever known, according to Kevin Sanchez, a spokesman for Antolini, “and has been used in décor and construction …

dining tables


Although designers agree there is still a demand for a formal dining space in many homes today, they also agree that what constitutes that formal space has changed in the past few years.