July/August 2019 Cover

Peaceful elegance describes this bathroom in a multi-million dollar home in The Grove in College Grove, TN. Designed by Summer Ignagni at Let It Be Design Company, the house was built by Hatcliff Construction. This home is for sale by Susan Gregory of Parks Realty. www.homesaroundnashvilletn.com.

Gunnar’s Cottage: Former Duplex Finds New Life on Nashville Show

Former Duplex Finds New Life on Nashville Show When Shane Stratton of Stratton Exteriors and Urban Properties bought the modest house in Lockeland Springs and “flipped” it last year, little did he know that the buyer was Michael Lohmann. Lohmann, director of photography for Nashville, the television show that many credits in part with Nashville’s rise as a popular destination spot for tourists and newcomers, and has used it as a set for the show. The house showed up in season three as the new house that Gunnar Scott moves into—the house where Micah’s grandparents arrive to announce their guardianship …

Reader’s Favorites Awards 2018

Readers Favorites Awards 2018 Readers of Greater Nashville House & Home & Garden™ have cast their votes for their 2018 favorites—their favorite designers, builders, landscapers, and “little known” stores, just to name a few. If you’re looking for a service provider and aren’t sure who to choose, try one of our winners—they’ve received the stamp of approval from readers of the Nashville House & Home & Garden™. Air Conditioning Service 1st Place – Roscoe Brown, Inc. 2nd Place – Lee Company 3rd Place – Derryberry’s Heat & Air Antique Store 1st Place – Gaslamp Antiques 2nd Place – Rare Bird …

January/February 2018

This kitchen featuring Cambria’s Ella includes an open pantry in a separate space behind the stove and hood. It features open shelves, glass-fronted cabinets, and small appliances to make the homeowner’s life convenient while keeping many kitchen items and food prep out of sight

Tiny Homes: Fad or Future?

Many ask, “What exactly is the meaning of a tiny home?” and “Where are cities supposed to put them?” These small spaces are the topic of conversation across the nation, but the real question is: are they a fad or the gateway to our future? Tiny homes are often defined as a small space under 500 square feet with a portable aspect. The tiny house movement—also known as the “small house movement”—is a description for the architectural and social moment that advocates simple living. As real estate has skyrocketed, and many millennials have become dead set on becoming homeowners, tiny …

Green Interiors: Getting Ready for an Electric Vehicle

Green Interiors: Getting Ready for an Electric Vehicle In the not too distant future, electric vehicles (EV) will become the norm and garages outfitted with charging equipment will become standard. Embracing new technology is exciting but it is also full of unknowns. Fortunately, we’ve reached the stage where electric cars are not only for the “first adapters” and a lot of the unknowns have become standardized. Here are a few tips, facts, and figures to get you ready for the future! You might think going to fill-up a car with gas is easier than installing a charging station at your …

Demand for larger homes and lots peaking

Demand for larger homes and lots peaking After several years of increasing demand for larger homes and lots, homeowners’ interest in extra square footage is waning. Additionally, homeowners continue to express a high level of interest in features that will allow them to stay in their home even with limited mobility. These findings are from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Home Design Trends Survey for the first quarter of 2017, which focuses specifically on home and property design and the use of interior and exterior space. All of the data can be accessed through the included infographic.

New Single-family Home Stats from Census Bureau

New Single-family Home Stats from Census Bureau The United States Census Bureau recently released highlights of single family homes completed in 2016, a number totalling 738,000. Of those, 686,000 had air conditioning, while 71,000 had two bedrooms or less and 336,000 of them had four bedrooms or more. The median size was 2,422 square feet.

Green Interiors: Flower Power

Flower Power Across the world and since ancient times, flowers have held special meaning. The ancient Greeks relied on flowers heavily in mythology as symbols in storytelling. In Victorian times, it was height of society to name your daughter after a flower to imbue purity, beauty, or grace. Modern society has taken the color of flowers, rather the type of flower, to represent different feelings: red means I love you, pink means I like you, yellow means let’s be friends. Yet, digging into the meaning of flowers, we’ve found the meaning of the flower varies greatly between colors and that …