garden compositions – purpose driven plants

garden compositions – the purpose driven plants What on earth are your plants here for? “Mommy, I want to grow my own begatubulls!” One of the four year old twins of my co-worker, Yelena Petruk, is trying very hard to talk his momma into dedicating a piece of their beautifully landscaped yard into growing tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, beans, and a number of other edible goodies.

garden compositions-fun things to do on a winter’s day

garden compositions — fun things to do on a winter’s day By Barbara Wise Mention a list of fun things to do in front of my sons and you might get groans of dismay. Saturday mornings and summer breaks find them greeted most mornings with a yummy breakfast and their own personalized list of fun things to do for the day. This detailed list includes activities such as, “Pick up dirty clothes, dust your room, complete your laundry, mow the grass, etc.”—so now you understand the aforementioned groans.