Cooking Math Hacks

Trying to figure out a recipe and don’t know what if you have what you need? Here’s some handy hacks to help you. 1 cup soft bread crumbs = 2 slices of bread 1 cup small bread cubes = 2 slices of bread 1 cup crushed corn flakes = 3 cups corn flakes 2 cups cooked cornmeal = 1/2 cup cornmeal 1 cup fine graham cracker crumbs = 12 graham crackers 1 cup coarse saltine crumbs = 20 saltine crackers 4 cups cooked spaghetti = 8 oz package spaghetti 4 cups cooked rice = 1 cup uncooked rice 8 tbsp …

Mexican 7 Layer Dip

1 large carton sour cream 1 pkg. taco mix avocado dip 1 bunch green onions 6 roma tomatoes, chopped 1 can black olives, chopped 1-2 packages cheddar cheese or Mexican mix cheese (shredded).   Mix taco mix into sour cream. Layer each ingredient as listed starting with the taco/sour cream mixture.

Hot Cheese Souffle Hors D’Oeuvres

1 large egg 1/4 tsp. salt 1/8 tsp. garlic or onion salt 20 2 inch bread rounds soft butter Beat egg slightly, add salt & cheese and mix. Shape into balls and place on buttered rounds of bread. About 5 minutes before serving, place on baking sheet in a 425 broiler until brown & puffed.