Host a Hall of Fame Homegate

(Family Features) From kickoff to the final whistle, taking your game day party to the next level starts with serving an all-star lineup of menu items. From starting-caliber appetizers to MVP-level main courses and a supporting cast of side dishes, dips like salsa and hummus can play the role of superstar when it comes to serving up game day grub. One of the benefits of cheering on your favorite teams from the couch and bringing the tailgate to your literal home field is the availability of appliances you may not otherwise have access to at the stadium like the oven …

Outdoor Kitchens

Since the pandemic created new relationships with living space, homeowners are embracing the opportunity to spruce up and even reimagine what their home and outdoor space can be. One of the ways homeowners are rethinking their outdoor space is to add an outdoor kitchen. From fully equipped to a simple grill and a few chairs, outdoor kitchens are on homeowners’ must-have lists for 2023. Our experts have a few trends to watch for when creating that perfect outdoor space. For many, an outdoor kitchen may seem like a true luxury, but when you spend a significant amount of time enjoying …

Deck Design

It’s been three years since the pandemic hit and forced everyone inside for an extended period. Now, outdoor living is becoming more and more popular with homeowners. Creating an inviting and engaging space for family, friends, and neighbors to hang out is quickly becoming a new priority. With that, homeowners want to upgrade or design a deck space that marries the practical with the beautiful. Decks expand usable outdoor space while improving the functionality of entertaining. They can surround pools and create outdoor patio areas that make it easy to establish multitiered living spaces, enhancing the functionality of outdoor areas. …

Creatively Configure Interior Spaces with Sliding Bypass Doors

(Family Features) Customizing interior spaces to suit your unique needs can be easy and economical with a solution like versatile sliding bypass doors. If you want to create a multi-functional living area, save space, allow more privacy or enhance architectural appeal – or all of these at once – sliding bypass doors can help you achieve your goals. From kitchens to laundry areas, installing bypass doors provides a fast, economical way to adapt floor plans to diverse lifestyles. Kitchens with adjoining spaces are perfect spots for bypass doors. For instance, Johnson Hardware 111SD Sliding Bypass Door Hardware lets you re-configure …

Clean Energy Home Upgrades Make dependable environmental improvements

(Family Features) When you’re considering upgrades for your home, earth-friendly enhancements that impact your energy usage are smart investments. Energy-saving home upgrades can offer long- and short-term advantages for the earth, your wallet and even your safety. Many homeowners evaluate their energy needs as they plan home improvements. There are several low-carbon, resilient energy options available that can help safeguard your family. Consider these environmentally friendly upgrades to diversify your home’s energy sources, reduce energy consumption and ensure your home is well-prepared to withstand interruptions to power service if the electrical grid fails. Diversify Energy Sources The growing conversation to …

July/August 2017

About the Cover A modern farmhouse kitchen is interpreted utilizing a quartz countertop surface from Cambria. Industrial lighting, wide plank flooring, and vintage bar stools add to the look. Shown is  Cambria’s Praa Sands™ color/pattern, one of a vast number of choices. For information call 615/ 331-8395 or visit  

Ask A Designer: What Will Bring Style to My New Home?

What Will Bring Style to My New Home? Q. I have a house that was built a few years ago. It has a nice floor plan, but there is no trim and there are no interesting windows. What can I do to give it a more substantial look? I want it to look “designed” not just decorated with pillows and things. On the other hand, I can’t afford to rip up perfectly good floors and walls. I want something more than paint, but less than a remodel. What suggestions might you make?—K.J.

Marketplace Events taps Nashville for new home show Market

Marketplace Events taps Nashville for new home show Market The Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo, an inaugural event for the Nashville market, is coming to the heart of downtown in early 2017. Slated at the Music City Center on March 10-12, the home show will feature exhibits, high-profile industry personalities, and the latest trends in home improvement categories. Look for exhibitors featuring remodeling, kitchen and bath, windows, flooring, and more that will pique interests and spark imaginations.

Planning for More Outdoor Time


Plan More Time for Outdoor Living Daylight-Saving Time not only signals the onset of longer days, but also the beginning of the outdoor living season. Homeowners shopping for new outdoor furnishings this year will find fresh colors, surprising new motion furniture, and maximum value in all categories.

garden compositions—the seedy side

h&h&g gardening – garden compositions—the seedy side It’s interesting to me to observe human nature, how people so often are drawn to knowing the “dirt” on any given person or situation.  We also seem drawn to know what is going on beneath the surface and what are the root issues that produce certain behaviors or results; in a sense, there is a lot of psychological gardening going on. The link between psychology and gardening is a strong one, so what better way to deal with the winter blues than to get the dirt on your favorite new plants by starting …