August Is National Curb Appeal Month

August Is National Curb Appeal Month Fypon launched the first annual “National Curb Appeal Month” in August, 2014, to create a month-long period dedicated to helping homeowners focus on ways to add value and design appeal to their home’s exterior. Among home improvements that can affect curb appeal are roofs, garage doors, residential doors, lighting, easy-care options such as Fypon and similar decorative trim, and manufactured stone,

natural stone/quartz design trends

While granite and marble remain popular among homeowners, it’s hard to deny that quartz materials have been making inroads in the countertop market. “Quartz is being chosen over natural stone because the look of stone can achieved, but with greater durability,” says Shaun Doughtery of SDI. “A great example is the look of marble in the kitchen. Marble was a popular choice for the kitchen but people have been hesitant to choose it due to staining, chipping, and the softness of stone. It wasn’t holding up. Quartz companies are replicating the look of marble for less money. Their countertops are …

July/August 2017

About the Cover A modern farmhouse kitchen is interpreted utilizing a quartz countertop surface from Cambria. Industrial lighting, wide plank flooring, and vintage bar stools add to the look. Shown is  Cambria’s Praa Sands™ color/pattern, one of a vast number of choices. For information call 615/ 331-8395 or visit  

Ask A Designer: What Will Bring Style to My New Home?

What Will Bring Style to My New Home? Q. I have a house that was built a few years ago. It has a nice floor plan, but there is no trim and there are no interesting windows. What can I do to give it a more substantial look? I want it to look “designed” not just decorated with pillows and things. On the other hand, I can’t afford to rip up perfectly good floors and walls. I want something more than paint, but less than a remodel. What suggestions might you make?—K.J.

Green Interiors: Traditional Versus Sustainable Flooring Material Guide

Green Interiors: Traditional Versus Sustainable Flooring Material Guide Whether you are dealing with new construction or you are contemplating a renovation, flooring is an important area in which to “go green.” Not only do floors cover, by definition, a large area in your home, they are some of the most heavily used materials you will install in your home. By selecting a sustainable, responsibly manufactured product, you will increase indoor air quality and eliminate unnecessary harm to the environment. The best part is, you don’t have to make any tradeoffs. Nothing is off limits and there are options for all …

Marketplace Events taps Nashville for new home show Market

Marketplace Events taps Nashville for new home show Market The Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo, an inaugural event for the Nashville market, is coming to the heart of downtown in early 2017. Slated at the Music City Center on March 10-12, the home show will feature exhibits, high-profile industry personalities, and the latest trends in home improvement categories. Look for exhibitors featuring remodeling, kitchen and bath, windows, flooring, and more that will pique interests and spark imaginations.

Planning for More Outdoor Time


Plan More Time for Outdoor Living Daylight-Saving Time not only signals the onset of longer days, but also the beginning of the outdoor living season. Homeowners shopping for new outdoor furnishings this year will find fresh colors, surprising new motion furniture, and maximum value in all categories.

Aging In Place

aging in place Aging in place is the phrase that’s been coined to refer to the many ways homes are being modified and services are being offered to allow homeowners to live in their homes longer—and is becoming a popular concept as the Baby Boomers begin reaching retirement age. According a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders, of those making aging in place modifications to their homes, 18 percent are in the 55-to-65-year-old age bracket, while 16 percent of those having such work done 65 years or older. The Nashville area has its own group of experts in …

custom comfort


When a couple sets out to create the home of their dreams, everything has to be perfect. So when a home situated on the banks of the Harpeth River south of Franklin grew from the ground up, its owners wanted it to fit the land on which it sits and be expressive of their love of the country setting. Evocative of farmhouses that grew organically to hold generation after generation of a family, this home is less than a year old. But its flagstone porches, beamed living room, and spaciousness speak of generations at work. The approximately 12,000 square foot …

Home Builders

  Don Lofstrom — Franklin Company Name: Cedarwright Custom Homes Describe your enthusiasm for building: I’ve been building Lindal Cedar Homes for 10 years with homes now in three states—Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama. Building background:  I started in construction building geodisic domes and custom adobe homes while in graduate school in Las Cruces, New Mexico, back in the 1970s. What was your favorite aspect of this project? My favorite part of this project was bringing the outside in with walls of glass, large acccordian doors opening up to large decks. What makes a home more “livable”? A liveable home has …